Abundant Life

The Abundant Life Project - Join the Big Consultation!

Tuesday 11 August
Rose Garden retirement village, ExtraCare Charitable Trust, Hereford.

Want to make sure this is right for you, and those you care about?

Join the Big Consultation!

Join us at one of eight fully interactive consultation sessions on Friday 4th September at the Mansion House, Fore Street, Totnes. Each hour long session will use the latest ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ technology – we will ask the audience and every vote will be recorded. We guarantee that your opinion will be heard and count.

The idea

To create a new model in active, independent living for anyone aged 55 and over, set in a unique location with the beauty and inspiration of the surrounding Dartington Hall estate, where:

  • creativity and personal development will run alongside support for life
  • residents play an important part in the wider community and keep active, busy and full of purpose
  • high priority is given to accessible design and flexible service that gives support that enables independence, privacy and dignity
  • residents can draw upon support services when they are needed, and delivered in a way that enhances rather than compromises independence
  • opportunities for stimulation, creativity and engagement that characterises everything that The Dartington Hall Trust seeks to do is central to every day for everyone
  • extra resources such as a gym and library will be provided for the local community

Want to keep in touch?

Then just leave a comment at or call 01803 847003.

Our great thanks go out to the Friends of Dartington who are actively supporting the project by putting forward ideas regarding facilities and activities that could be included in the project and looking into any gaps in local provision for older people that might be able to be provided in or associated with the new community.

Our Vision: We work in partnership with others to deliver change in three areas: Registered charity number: 279756