T Press and Publications: 'News of the Day' Vol 9: Nos. 389-438

DATE: Jan-Jun 1933


News of the Day - Vol 9 January 3rd 1933 to June 30th 1933 nos 389 to 438

389 - News of the Day Tuesday 3rd January 1933

The New Year - Comment on the experiment of Dartington.

Estate Football club - beat Beesands 5 - 0 in South Hams League. Goal scorers were :- R. Elmhirst 2, E Clake 2, S Wyman 1. Next Saturday we play Prawle United.

Hockey Club - Whist Drive in Temperance Hotel, Totnes. Mr Yuill to M C

Woodlands Department - A course will start in the management of Estate Woodlands and will end in June. The course will be attended by five pupils, four whom are landowners.

Grand Hotel - the film is being shown at the Electric Theatre, Torquay.

Meteorological Report - Total rainfall 2.16. Max rainfall 0.87 Sat. Dec 31st 1932. Max shade temp. 52.0 Wed 28th & Thur 29th. Min. shade temp 34.1 Friday 30th. Max Solar temp. 90.0 Wed. 28th.

390 - News of the Day Friday 6th January 1933

Best Wishes to Mr Donald Pond and Mrs Mary Spencer Lee Hallett, who married in October at Blythburgh, Suffolk

Football News - Sawmill Department a welcome new member to the team Tom Williams.

Children's Christmas Party - in aid of the Devon Nursing Association will be held at the Seymour Hotel, Totnes. Miss Mitchell of Brixham will give and exhibition of Dancing. Manning's Band will play. Tickets from Parish Nursing Associations - Mrs Aitchison of Totnes Times Office, Miss Smith of Sandwell.

Food Supply prices

391 - News of the Day Tuesday 10th January 1933

Football Club - The Estate team won 5 - 4 against Prawle. Goals scored by T Gardner 2; W Ware 1; S Wyman 1; J Last 1.

Schools - Boarders return tomorrow and day pupils of Thursday.

School of Dance-Mime - reopens on Wednesday

Heathfield Dramatic Society - The Heathfield Works club Dramatic Society present Walter Hackett's 3 act farce 'Ambrose Applejohn's Adventure' in the Club room Heathfield, Newton Abbott. Tickets from Mr R C Morel or Miss Brice.

Meteorological report - total rainfall 1.64 ins, Max rainfall 1.08 Monday 2nd; Max Shade temp 54.0 Monday 2nd. Min Shade temp 29.8 Friday 6th. Max solar temp 93.5 Thursday 5th. Ground frost: 29.0 Thur - Fri. 22.0 Fri - sat.

St Johns ambulance dance - at Royal Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes music by Rougemont Red Lyres from London. Tickets from Miss H Larrad & Mr S J Yuill at Staverton.

Repertory Theatre, Princes Square, Plymouth - The Cinderella-Man by Edward Childs Carpenter. Also ever afternoon a children's play Make Believe by A A Milne.

Film 'Arrowsmith,' based on the book by Sinclair Lewis is being shown at the Palladium. This is a new cinema recently opened, built on Singers' Oldway Estate at Preston.

392 - News of the Day Friday 13th January 1933

Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Solar Miss Volkenberg will read a modern play.

History of Art - Talk by Mr Kent.

Play reading - any one interested in forming a play reading group please contact Barbara Ling at the Old Parsonage.

Speech Design Group - will meet in the Old Parsonage.

Coral Society - will begin rehearsals on Monday in the school of Dance-Mime.

School of Dance-Mime a beginners' Eurhythmics class with Miss L. Soelberg. Also there will be an Estate Tap Dancing Class.

Research Department - Dr Stanley Warren from Cornell who has initiated some economic work at the University, Naking will stay here for a short time and will give an impression of his journey across Russia.

Orchestra - will resume practice of Wed in Mr Robson's room in the Barton

393 - News of the Day Tuesday 17th January 1933
Lost - pair of fur backed gloves on Sports Field - please return to Miss A Moore, textile.

Estate Football - the team won 4- 0 against Salcombe.

Tap Dancing - will start of Thursday in the Dance School.

Repertory Theatre Princess Sq, Plymouth - The Sign on the Door a play by Channing Pollock.

Pottery Classes - Mr Leach - the new pottery building will not be ready until next week.

Research Department - continued from previous News of the Day - Dr Stanley Warren impressions of Russia.

Art Talks in the Solar - given by Mr Kent.

393 - News of the Day Supplement - Adult Education on the Estate.
Statement of aims
Page 2 Estate Classes - School of Dance & Mime.
Folk Dancing
Eurhythmics - Miss L Soelberg.
Tap Dancing

Plumbing Practical - Mr T Nicholson in Plumbing Workshop
Choral Society - in the Dance & Mime
Lectures & discussions - on the Present Crisis. By Mr F G Thomas MA in the Corner Club.
Creative Drawing - Mr Mark Tobey in the Boy's Building.
Pottery - Mr Leach
Orchestra - Mr Robson's room in the Barton
Building construction - Mr G Gentry in the Canteen.
Botany - Mrs E Stephen in the Canteen
Automobile Engineering - Mr T S Baldwin at the Totnes Grammar School.
Art Talks - Mr Kent in the Solar.

394 - News of the day Friday 20th January 1933

Notices - Sunday Evening Meeting - In Solar Miss Muriel Lester will speak about her work in East London and a settlement known as Kingsley Hall. It was here that Mr Gandhi stayed in 1931.

School of Dance & Mime - Miss Barr will announce any division of classes.
Estate - Various directional signs have been posted on the roads and the estate as the first part of a general scheme for making it easier for visitors. The notices are temporary and will be replaced by permanent boards. All communications to Mr Porter, Central Office.

Whist Drive - held at Temperance Hall last night winners were :- Ladies - 1. Miss Jennifer Sutcliffe, 182; 2. Mrs Simmons, 177; 3. Mrs C F Hill, 175; Mrs Isaac, Miniature, 50; Mrs L Homes, Mystery, 139; Confirmation, Mrs Heath, 133.
Gentlemen - 1. Ted, 179; 2, Mr T H Walters, 175; 3. Mr Sid Collingbourne, 172, after a tie with Mr T Harris; Miniature, Mr R Brown, 49. Confirmation, Mr A Allen, 137.

Gardens Department - at Huxhams Cross about 2 acres next to the Housing Scheme have been added to the original nursery and planted with trees and shrubs. In the 3rd field on the corner of the road turning down from Staverton, we are starting another nursery for roses and fruit. In addition a new nursery of some 2 acres has been started on the Plymouth Road next to the Sawmill.

Textile - Sheep breeding experiment on the Dartmoor border. Welsh Mountain White and Shetland Morit are the breeds chosen. Both breeds produce excellent mutton.

395 - News of the Day Tuesday 24th January 1933
Estate Football - we won 4 - 0 against Ashprington. Goals E Clake 2, F Ware & T Gardner .

Hockey - we won 3 - 2 at Dartmouth.
Dance School - Eurhythmics for beginners on Wednesday, Tap Dancing on Thursday & folk dancing tonight.

Staverton Builders Ltd & Devon Electric & general Services Ltd - special news report.

Poultry - we have over 3000 chicks. We had serious fowl-pox epidemic. We are now vaccinating every lost of chicks at 4 weeks old as routine practice.

Meteorological report - total Rainfall 0.50ins. Max rainfall 0.36, Thu. 19th. Max shade temp 45.2 Thu 19th. Min shade temp 22.1 Mon 16th. Max solar 90.7 Thu 19th.
Ground frost: 21.7 Sun 15th - Mon 16th, 15.8 Mon - Tue. 19.2 Tue - Wed. 21.5 Wed - Thu.

Repertory theatre - Plymouth - The Pelican a play by Tennyson Jesso & H M Harwood.

396 - News of the Day - Friday 27th January 1933
Bus Service - the road bridge over the railway outside Totnes Station will be closed to all traffic from Sat midnight to Sun midnight. The Estate bus will stop and commence from the road opposite Redworth Terrace.

Hockey - against Ashburton tomorrow at the Sports Ground.

Dance School Museum - has an exhibition of jewellery and materials brought back by Richard Odlin from his tour around the world.

Totnes Choral Society - annual concert at Seymour Hotel, Totnes on Thu 2nd Feb. Soloists:- Frank Webster, Mrs Moysey, Mrs W R Massed and Mr F Todkill. Tickets from J Todd & sons,.

Sunday Evening Meeting in the Solar Mr L K Elmhirst will show his films of Russia.

Dalcroze Eurhythmics - a lecture demonstration by Miss E Driver and students from the London School of Dalcroze Eurhythmics at the globe Theatre, Royal Marine Barracks.

Cold Weather - maintenance of water systems. Lagging exposed pipes.

Two good entertainments - 'Thark' at Regent Picture House, Paignton and 'Nine till Six' at the Electric Theatre, Torquay.

For sale - Evinrude out board motor also BSA lady's bicycle apply Shinners Bridge Studio.

397 - News of the Day - Tuesday 31st January 1933
School of Dance-Mime - Tap dancing - owing the illness of Miss Miller and the crowding of our programme we will not start until next term.

French Play reading circle - group meeting this term on Wednesday evenings in Mr Monro's house in Park Lane. The first play being read is 'Paquebot Tenacity'.

Hockey - last Saturday we won against Ashburton Mixed 9 - 2. Next Saturday we are playing University College, Exeter, Men's Team.

Meteorological Report - Total rainfall - trace, max rainfall - trace 29th Sunday. Max shade temp 42.1 29 Sunday, Min shade temp 24.2 25th Wednesday, max solar temp 79.5 Thursday 26th , Ground frost:- 26.9 Sunday 22nd - Monday; 15.0 Monday - Tuesday: 28.2 Tuesday - Wednesday; 20.5 Wednesday - Thursday; 25.2 Thursday - Friday; 29.2 Friday - Saturday.

Sawmills - In common with the rest of the Estate we are severely handicapped for the past week or two with the influenza epidemic.
In spite of the depression in the timber trade we have several large orders. The latest addition to the mill is the new foreman's office.

Art Talks in the Solar - Mr Kent will talk fortnightly on Friday evenings.

Chemistry Group - Still space available for two or three more in the group which starts next Monday to study the beginnings of Chemistry as applying to soils, manures and vegetation.

Girls Friday Club - it has been suggested that, in future, the club should met at lunchtime instead of after 5.30. This would enable girls who live some distance to become members. Please contact Miss Hull-Brown or Miss B Jewell.

Newton abbot District Film Society - Various films listed - to apply for membership please contact Mrs K Starr, Mr R Morel or Mr J v Elmhirst. The accommodation is better than last years now at St Vincent's Hotel, Meadowfoot Road, Torquay

398 - News of the Day - Friday 3rd February 1933
Notices - Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Solar at 8 pm the famous West Country Humorist, Jan Stewer, will give a programme of sketches, songs and impersonations. He has given performances in Steinway Hall, London and at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and in many other cities.

Primary School - Parents Meeting in the Common Room of the school on Monday 6th February at 2.30pm

Art Talk - Mr Kent will talk in the Solar and show drawings on the epidiascope.
School of Dance-Mime - Dance Technique class for beginners.
For Sale - a portable Decca gramophone with 50 records £3 or nearest offer - apply R Bolt, Central Office

Football - the Estate team will play South Pool away tomorrow

Dartcrafts - Shinners Bridge Studio - during this month we shall be editing the pictorial Estate Map and would be glad to know of any suggested additions.

Old Parsonage Farm - Silage or not silage has been the argument among the cows of the experimental feeding of I V A Silage. Some refuse point blank, and others eat it as a delicacy. The result was a drop in the milk yield, at a time when were short of milk. Now that the cows have got used to the silage there is every indication that they will go back to their normal milk yield.

Woodlands - considerable damage has been done to the new plantation of Japanese Larch & Douglas Fir at Kingswood, the terminal and main buds of the Douglas being eaten, and the stems of the larch being peeled of bark to a height of 8 to 10 inches; it was thought that rabbits caused the damage. However, the fact that the young trees enclosed by rabbit-proof wire-netting excluded this possibility.
Mouse traps were set and two nights trapping caught 22 voles, 14 field mice and 11 shrews. The shrew being a carnivorous animal, it was decided that the damage, to the trees, was caused by mice and voles.

399 - News of the Day - Tuesday 7th February 1933
School of Dance-Mime - 'The Arts League travelling Theatre' will visit Dartington on Saturday 18th February.

Hockey - On Saturday the Estate beat the School 9 - 7.

Gardens Department - New 1933 catalogues are now published.

Friday Club - members are making up a party for the performance of 'the Belle of New York', given by the Brixham amateurs at Brixham - contact Miss Beatrice Smart (Telephone Exchange).

Meteorological report - total rainfall 2.82 ins. Max rainfall 1.18 ins Wednesday 1st. max shade temp 59.6 Sunday 5th. Min temp 31.7 Friday 3rd max solar 75. Sunday 5th.

Repertory Theatre - Princess square, Plymouth 'Adam and Eve' three acts by Guy Bolton & George Middleton.

400 - News of the Day - Friday 10th February 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr A S Neill, the founder of Summerhill School, and author of the 'The Problem Child' and 'The Problem Parent' will speak.

School of Dance-Mime - Wednesday's Eurhythmics Class all those who wish to join must turn up next wee, because it is impossible to run the class with people wandering in and out occasionally.
Technique class - next Friday in Miss Soelberg's studio.

For Sale - Selecta Gramophone - cabinet apply J Rymes.

Can Taste be taught? - The Listener debate.

Research Department (Economics) the second of the Agricultural Marketing Re-Organisation commissions appointed under the Agricultural Marketing Act 1931, completed its deliberations on 27th January, and report has now been issued.

401 - News of the Day - Tuesday 14th February 1933
Choral Society - to join the Society there will be a charge of 2/6 per term. Unless they are registered as Adult Students under the Adult Education Scheme of the estate.

Hockey - On Saturday we won against Ashburton 6-0.

Good & Bad Taste - replies to Mr Kent or Mr Leach. It is hoped that copies of the number of the 'Listener' in question will shortly be obtainable either from Mrs Kent or Mrs Starr, who will each have six for distribution.

Laboratory News - Book - The Farmer's Guide to agricultural Research in 1931 - seven branches are dealt with by well-known authorities. The Divisions are : Dairy Farming, J Mackintosh; Diseases of Animals, F C Minett; Farm Economics, A W Ashby; Feeding of Livestock, C Crowther; Farm Implements and Machinery, S J Wright; Pests and Parasites, J C Fryer; Soils and Manures, Sir John Russell.

Gardens Department - New extensions to Huxhams Cross nursery. A large portion of the new field on the corner leading down to Staverton Bridge has now been trenched and planted up with rose stocks for budding during the coming summer.
At Dartington Lane we are concentration on getting the essential paths metalled, so that visitors will be able to make a complete tour of the nursery in comfort. The margins of the water lily pool and the ornamental walk along under the alders in the marsh are not yet quite finished. The Alpine House is well worth visiting just now, as there are a great many baby plants and alpines in flower.

402 - News of the Day - Friday 17th February 1933

Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr Hugh MacKay, who is a member of the Arts League of Service Travelling Theatre, will sing songs of the Hebrides, in the Solar at 8 pm.

Hockey - a mixed team from the Junior School won against Totnes Ladies 2 -1 on Foxhole Ground.

Psychology - Does the nature of a man's occupation shape his temperament or does the inborn constitution guide a man to certain occupations? Some promising tests for diagnosing temperament trends which may be of value in vocational guidance are being tried out by Dr Cattell. Dr Cattell would like 60 to 70 volunteers during the next month or two.

Textile Department - Use Igepon for Washing Woollens: No shrinking, no discolouring, No hard water troubles. Igepon can now be obtained in powder form which is readily soluble in soft or hard water.

Clifford Bridge Farm - our experiment with the batch of pigs is ended and four of the sides are curing on slabs.

Totnes Cottage Hospital Extension Fund - A dance is to be held in aid of this fund at the Royal Seven Stars, Totnes on 28th February.

403 - News of the Day - Tuesday 21st February 1933
Mr Gorton would like to thank those friends on the Estate who showed him such kindness on his recent visit.

As others see us - In 'Country Life' of February 11th there is an article, with photographs, about Mr Curry's house on High Cross Hill.

Sunday Evening Meeting - Next Sunday there will be a Piano recital by Tapia-Cabellero at 8pm.

Football - we lost 2 - 0 to Chillington.

The £225 Cottage - attempt to solve Housing Problem - a competition of public interest is to be promoted by the Building Centre, 158 New Bond St. Its aim is to discover the cheapest possible house which could be erected in this country. A prize of £100 is being offered for a design. According to the estimate of a builder these cottages, as shown on the given plan, could be built for £225 each - a record figure for a good-sized living-room, a scullery, and 3 bedrooms.
The assessors, under the chairmanship of Mr Maurice E Webb will included many members of RIBA.

Meteorological Report - total rainfall 0.6ins . Max rainfall 0.6 ins Friday 17th. Max shade temp 47.0 Monday 13th. Min shade temp 25.1 Wednesday 15th. Max Solar 92.2 Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th. Ground frost :- 21.5 Sunday-Monday; 19.6 Monday-Tuesday; 20.5 Tuesday-Wednesday; 28.1 Friday-Saturday.

Local cinema listings.

Plymouth Repertory Theatre.

404 - News of the Day - Friday 24th February 1933
The Barton Farm - In the middle of the lambing season. Total number of lambs to date is about 80.

Poultry - We have vaccinated against fowl pox. Miss Brown candles each on of eggs. Tony Bland has returned from America after his 3 months course at Cornell.

Paying Guest - Mr R W Wright will be joining the staff of the textile Department is looking for accommodation as a paying guest. Contact Mr Fitzpatrick.

Staverton Hydro Electric Station - at Staverton Town Mills, besides being on stand by for the Estate is now connected direct to Staverton Builders Works.

A dance in aid of the Cottage Hospital Extension Fund is being held in the Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes. Stan Paynton's band.

405 - News of the Day - Tuesday 28th February 1933
Notices - Elizabethan Drama Mr O'Malley is looking for interest to form a play reading group.
Hockey - On Saturday our home team won against Babbacombe 7-3 and the away team lost to Plymouth technical college 4-3.
Good Taste & Bad Taste - a discussion let by Mr Kent.
Meteorological Report

China - Mr Elmhirst sends an extract from a letter he has received from Mr Dickinson who was here at the International conference in 1929. All about a modern civil war.

Old Parsonage Farm - new aluminium cap for our bottles of milk.

Committees - every one at Dartington can get on to at least one committee.

406 - News of the Day - Friday 3rd March 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - in Solar a talk from Mr E S Porter on 'Figures, Facts & Fanciers'.

Hockey - Home match cancelled. Away match is against Plymouth Men.

Preliminary announcement - 'The Gods of the Mountain' by Lord Dunsany in the Junior School Hall on Thursday 30th March.

Sawmills - Production is increasing daily. Felling programme is nearing completion. After sever gale of 1930 we acquired a huge stock of wind-blown elm - but the run of this has been considerable that we are now finding it necessary to buy fresh elm.

In the carpentry section we are busy erecting a new poultry house at Yarner and five huts under the electricity pylons, we are accumulating a stock of garden furniture in readiness for the Royal Horticultural Society Show.

Art Discussion - in the Solar this evening Mr Kent will define the relation of art to craft. It is hoped that discussion & illustration of this theme will help to provide further discussion.

Woodlands Department - growing demand for firewood, there is a large surplus of large logs of too poor a quality for the sawmills and these make excellent firewood but expensive to split by hand. We are experimenting on more economical methods of splitting.

One way is to blast the logs with explosives, and Messrs Nobles are sending a representative to demonstrate methods and materials. The other method we are trying is by pneumatic drills operating on wedges.

The Art of committee Management continued from previous News of the Day.

407 - News of the Day - Tuesday 7th March 1933
Football - On Saturday the team plays Poundsgate in a friendly on the Sports Field.

A Vacuum ? - a department for lost property could be opened if the reassure found in the Nursery School Vacuum plant were displayed. Items found: - nails, screws, washers, beads, sticks, chalk, pencils, ball, clothes pegs, plasticine, clips, pieces of iron, drawing pins, children's building bricks, rubbers. Leaden chicks, etc - but no money.

Weather report from Laboratory - the weather of February was mild at first, cold with considerable snow. For the first ten days the maximum and minimum temperatures were much higher that the average. Rain fell each day. There was a rapid fall in temperature from the 9th to 11th.
Meteorological report: - total rainfall 2.49ins. Max rainfall 1.20 ins Thursday 2nd. Max shade temp 55.1 Saturday 4th. Min shade temp 32.4 Sunday 26th Max solar temp 113.2 Sunday 5th
Ground frost; 23.2 Sunday/Monday; 31.8 Wed/Thurs; 30.0 Sat/Sun.

For Sale - Pye portable radio set - 9 guineas. Contact Mrs Munro, Park Lane.

408 - News of the Day - Friday 10th March 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Solar Mrs Gibson Young will conduct a recital of Sociable Songs and Community Singing.

Laboratory - Details of the tannic acid treatment of burns. This method is safer and brings about rapid healing that the use of picric acid.

It has been used with great success in most of the London hospitals.

National Institute of Industrial Psychology - 12th annual report 1932.

Week end entertainments listed.

409 - News of the Day - Tuesday 14th March 1933
Wanted - second-hand, double barrel gun, 12 bore. Contact R W Wright, The Willows, Totnes.
Sunday Evening Meeting - a concert from Griller Quartet.

Hockey - On Saturday the team played Babbacombe men.

Library - we have obtained 200 books.

French Play-reading circle - copy of 'Noe' required by Mr Monro, Junior school.

Meteorological report - total rainfall 0.43 ins. Max rainfall 0.39 Sun 5th. Max shade temp 56.3 Sun 12th. Min Shade temp 31.2 Tue 7th. Max solar temp 112.2 Tue 7th. Ground frosts:- 29.8 Mon/Tue; 24.0 Tue/Wed; 26.2 Sat/Sun.

Food Supply - list of prices.

Woodland Department - demonstration of splitting logs with explosives in Park Lane tomorrow.

Art Discussion on Solar on Friday - Mr Kent will carry on the discussion of Friday before last.

Sport Fixtures around the country.

410 - News of the Day - Friday 17th March 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - the Griller Quartet will play in the newly roofed Banqueting Hall which, though still unfinished, has been specially prepared for occasion. We should like to welcome all Estate members to this opening occasion especially those, with their families, who have lately come to live on the Estate, at Week and Huxhams Cross.

Picking of Wild Flowers - One of the most unique sights in this part of Devon in the spring has in the past been the natural growth of wild daffodils around the river's edge and the woods alongside. Today hardly a bud remains too many have been picked.

Folk Dancing - Folk Dance Party in the Dance Studio and the Torquay centre of the English Folk Dance and Song Society are going to be guests.

Poultry - All householders who have their eggs in brown cardboard 'fillers' holding 3 dozen eggs to return any they may have these fillers cost us the price of 1 doz eggs.
Applications for pickling eggs from regular customers will be dealt in strict rotation. We are in a position to recommend a preservative called 'Oteg'. We can also supply poultry manure.

Grand National Draw - in the Canteen on Wed at 12.30. All books and counterfoils should be returned to either B Atkins. J Gallon or T Nicholson.

The Gods of the Mountain - to be produced by Junior School on 30th March tickets from P Church, Junior School.

411 - News of the Day - Tuesday 21st March 1933
Editorial - details of charges for Library use.

Gardens Department - last years exhibits at various shows have brought along many customers. We have already commenced outside contracts. Final plans and drawings for the Park at Sidmouth are almost completed.
We achieved success at the RHS Hall, Vincent Square, on the 7th & 8th of this month, gaining another Banksian medal.
The recent visit of Mrs Farrand has resulted in the putting in hand, and preparing a large amount of Amenity work on the Estate.

Football - the club is playing Beesands at East Allington on Sat in the semi-final of the Harvey Cup. Contact Mr Atkins.

Hockey - we won against Ashburton 7-1.

Meteorological Report.

412 - News of the Day - Friday 24th March 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr Ben Greene will talk on 'Free Money'.

Notices - Hockey.
Football - a Whist Drive will be held in the Temperance Hotel, Totnes.

Speeding on the Estate.

The Banqueting Hall - description of new roof and the concert.

Poultry - Fire at Yarner - Mr MacLening put the fire out. Invitation to look at 2000 pullets in Loward Orchard (opposite saw mill)
Newton Abbot Film Society - list of films contact Mrs Starr & Mr J V Elmhirst.

413 - News of the Day - Tuesday 28th March 1933
End of Term Party - Mr & Mrs L K Elmhirst invite everyone to the end of term party in the Great Hall. Miss Phyllis Keeves will recite poems etc.

Notices - Hockey we lost to the School 3-1.
Football - the Estate won their semi-final of the Harvey Cup v Beesands 1-0 scored by J Semple.
School of Dance-Mime - there will be no Eurhythmics Class on Friday as Miss Soelberg is ill.

Holiday Haunts published by GWR.
Meteorological Report.
Textiles - New Workshop will be built at the back of the textile Mill for the purpose of constructing machines for textile manufacture.

Old Parsonage Farm - we will be supplying milk to Addison's café & The Palm Court Hotel, Torquay and the Palladium and Deller's at Paignton.

Art Discussion - in the Solar by Mr Kent.

414 - News of the Day - Friday 31st March 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr L K Elmhirst will talk about Dartington questions to Mrs Starr.

Art Discussion - in Mr Kent's house in Park Lane.
Smoking Concert - in the Canteen open to every one on the Estate. A part of staff and students from the Plymouth & Devonport technical college bringing their Concert Party and Band.


School of Dance-Mime

Education Department - dates of terms - Mr Curry will go on a short visit to America where he will deliver a number of lectures, some on Dartington.

Library - List of new books. Closure dates. Fees.

415 - News of the Day - Tuesday 4th April 1933
Editorial - we wish to make a complete file of News of the Day, from the earliest days. The Old Building department presented copies of the paper from 16th Feb 1928 numbered 17 to 16th November 1928. It is copies circulated previously to 16th February that are missing and that we would like to obtain copies.

Magazine - next term we are going to publish another a distant relation of 'Today & Tomorrow'. It will be printed by a printer. Contributions to the Junior School Office.

WEA - Mr Thomas' night class will be held at the Junior School in the classroom next to the Library.

Hockey - We won at Plympton 1-0 and at home against Plymouth & Devonport Technical College 2-1.
Foot Ball - we lost to Malboro' 2-0.

Woodlands - good eating potatoes (Kerr's Pink) grown on granite soil.

Meteorological Report

Entertainments in Totnes, Paignton & Plymouth

416 - News of the Day - Friday 7th April 1933
Visitors - Plymouth & Devonport Technical College.

For Sale - BSA Motor cycle, £8.00 apply to L Hudson.

Found - Black & White Puppy with a collar but no name. Contact Mr J W Purvis, The Old Manor, Littlehempston.

Summer Time


Football - Final of the Harvey Cup at Malboro' on Easter Monday contact Mr Gallon, Mr Atkins or Mr Nicholson.

Cricket Club

Dartington Craftsmen - bye law adopted by Devon county council, an advertisement regulations for the preservation of rural amenities which prohibited any lettering over 6 inches in height or 12 feet above the ground. Mr Fogden of Black Rock, Buckfast for who we are making a sign 'Teas by the river'

Ramblers - route - Plains, Berry Pomeroy, Marldon, Compton, Kingskerwell, and to Torquay or Teignmouth.

Tipping of Refuse - Pit Park Quarry will be used as the Estate dump.

417 - News of the Day - Tuesday 11th April 1933

Tennis Club

Hockey - we drew against Dawlish Mixed 5-5.

Football - We drew against Beesands 1-1.

Guide Demonstrator - Visitors to the Estate should contact Mr C H O Pearson. He has an office in Central Office Yard.

Easter Holiday dates

Bus Service
Telephone Service

Entertainments - Totnes, Paignton, Torquay.

418 - News of the Day - Friday 21st April 1933

Tennis Club - annual general Meeting in the Corner Club Room. Contact Miss E Brice. Key from the Bothy.

Signs of Spring.

Warning - a Swan's nest near the Swimming Club Hut.

Woodlands Department - for sale potatoes and pea and bean sticks.

Kingsley amateur Dramatic Society - the Private Secretary by Charles Hawtrey.


Ramblers Route - Bus to Buckfastleigh, Wallaford Down, White Barrows Tor, Down Balla Brook and Avon River to Shipley Bridge, South Brent and Rattery.

419 - News of the Day - Tuesday 25th Apr 1933
Food Supply Prices

International Conference of Agricultural Economists - Bad Elisen, Weser Valley , Lower Saxony. With tour :_ Holstein, Pomerania and the Polish corridor to east Prussia with visits to Hanseatic cities and the Masurian Lakes.

Meteorological Report

Laboratory News - recommended books The Farm and the Nation by Sir John Russell, The Map of England by Col Charles Close.

Entertainment at Repertory Theatre, Plymouth and Torquay Musical Festival at the Pavilion - Jelly d'Aranyi (violin) conductor Ernest W Goss; Thelma Reiss-Smith (cello) conductor John Barbirolli: Lamond (piano) conductors E W Goss and Herbert Bedford: Muriel Brunkill (contralto) conductor Sir Henry Wood; Ania Dorfman (piano) & Heddle Nash (tenor) conductor Ernest W Goss.

420 - News of the Day - Friday 28th April 1933

Dartington Hall Football Club

Some Problems of Planning - a series of talks by Mr F G Thomas MA.

School boarder return to morrow.

Sunday Evening Meeting - in the Solar Mr Rolf Gardiner will speak on the German National Revolution.

The Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty at Town Hall, Ashburton by permission of Mr D'Oyly Carte Esq. Tickets from Mr Bracewell's, Tobacconist, 2 North Street, Ashburton.

Library Fees.

421 - News of the Day - Tuesday 2nd May 1933
School of Dance-Mime - Folk Dancing, Technique Class, Eurhythmics.


WEA Class - tonight Mr Thomas either in Common Room or in room opposite the Library at Foxhole Copse Junior School.

Woodlands Department - offering a prize of £5.00 for best design of fencing.

Dartington Garden Show.

Gardens Department - contract at public park at Sidmouth nearing completion. Members of the Association of Park Superintendents and Curators of Botanical gardens to visit the estate. We are exhibiting in Truro, at Chelsea and then Bournemouth.

Library - amended notice.
Kingsley Amateur Dramatic Society - The Private Secretary a farce by Charles Hawtrey in the Assembly Hall of Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes. Seats from Totnes Times Office or Miss H Larrad, Miss P Coutts.

422 - News of the Day - Friday 5th May 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - Surya Sena the Sinhalese singer assisted by Nelun Devi will give a recital.

Poultry Department - trip to Greece through Italy and Dalmation coasts we never saw a single Poultry Farm and never more than 2- fowls on any one farm.

Tennis Club - Flannel Dance in the School of Dance-Mime.

Coral Society

Meteorological Report

Pound Day - Totnes & District Cottage hospital by bringing or sending one pound or packet of grocery to Hon Secretary, 30 Fore St, Totnes.

Week-end Entertainments :-
Totnes Picture House - Regent, Paignton - Electric Torquay - Pavilion, Torquay - Repertory Theatre, Plymouth - Palace Plymouth.

423 - News of the Day - Tuesday 9th May 1933
Drawing Class - Mark Tobey held in Boys Building (Courtyard).

WEA Group with Mr Thomas.
Cricket - last Saturday's match was a washout.

Eurhythmics Class.

Tennis Club - a Flannel Dance in the School of Dance-Mime.

Dumping of refuse - Dartington Development committee ask that departments will refrain from dumping in Dartington Lane - The Estate Dump is now at Pit Park Quarry.

Education Department - 94 pupils 8 are new, 2 more will join us from Germany. It rather looks as though parents who are able to get their children out of Germany may look for refuge in some of the progressive English schools especially as the Nazis seem to intend to close private schools.
An EMG electric gramophone and wireless has been installed in the Hall of the Junior School.

Food Supply Prices

Meteorological Report


424 - News of the Day - Friday 12th May 1933
Parents Meeting - Mr W B Curry will speak on the Educational Policy of the School.

Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr Gerald Heard will speak on 'Mystery Religions of the Past and their Present Day significance.'

Visitors - permits and visitors book. Mr C H Pearson.

Concert - Brahms Centenary Concert will be broadcast from Queen's Hall, London, on Daventry National with talk by Sir Walford Davies. Junior School Assembly Hall.

Ramblers' route for Sunday - Totnes Station train to Ivybridge. Walk across Hanger Down to Hawns and Dendells over the Moor to Shell Top and Didsworthy Warren House. Follow the Plym to Cadover Bridge and back to Ivybridge.

Cricket - The Estate team are playing St Barnabas.

Tennis Club and visitors.

Old Parsonage Farm - Bull calf 150lbs.

A country Dance Party in the grounds of Dartington Hall or if wet in the School of Dance-Mime.

425 - News of the Day - Tuesday 16th May 1933
Cricket played St Barnabas - J V Elmhirst 23 runs, J Collingbourne took 6 wickets for 37, R Elmhirst took 3 wickets for 31.

Football Committee Meeting.

Drawing Class - with Mr Tobey.

Totnes Hospital Extension Scheme - concert and dance with Mr Manning's Concert Party in the Parish Hall, Harberton.

Shinners Bridge Studio - new kinds of Dartcraft furniture , 3 Highdeckker tables to the Sloop Inn at Bantham, a Stark carved settee to Blackpool, Lancs, some quarter deckkers and Simon chairs and a Barrow sledge to the shop of Annette at Frinton on Sea. Also a modern type of book shelf cupboard box seat for which we need a name.

Woodlands - 6 students are having a tour in May they are visiting the estates of Mr Acker at Huntley near Gloucester and the Duke of Somerset at Maiden Bradley near Frome. Also a large Forestry commission operation on Wareham Heath.

The South Western Division of the royal English Forestry Society is visiting Dartington. Then to Dartmoor to visit Mr Kitson's woods at Heatree and Steward Nursery.

Library - re publish the Estate Catalogue of Scientific and technical Periodicals.
A Short History of Dartington Hall 6d a copy.

426 - News of Day - Friday 19th Friday 1933
Notices - Magazine date for contributions.
Tennis Club
Sunday Evening Meeting - In Great Hall Miss Marion Kerby and Mr John Niles will sing Negro exaltations and Kentucky mountain songs.

Barton Farm - Devon County show held at Honiton.

Sawmills - preparations for the Chelsea Show. Poultry houses at Yarner for the Poultry department and woodwork of the New Textile Workshop. We have been fortunate in being able to secure logs big enough to the large principals required for restoring the roof of the old kitchen these had to come from the Holne Estate.

Laboratory news.

Aga Cookers - installed on the Estate a questioner to all users to go out.

Ramblers Route for Sunday.

427 - News of the Day - Tuesday 23rd May 1933
Notices - Discussion on Modern Architecture - Mr W E Lescaze who designed Mr W B Curry's house and who is working on some further plans for Dartington will speak on modern architecture at Mr Curry's house.

Wanted small house to rent for 3 weeks contact Miss Hull-Brown. Clifford Farm - Devon County Show Awards.

Mr Luard passed his examination of the Chartered Surveyors Institution.

Swimming - now that the Dart Water is warming up it has been to decided to hold a meeting of the Estate Swimming club.

Gardens - Chelsea Flower Show. First time for this department to exhibit.

428 - News of the Day - 26th May Friday 1933

Sunday Evening Meeting - Chief Os-ke-non-ton of the Mohawks Indian tribe will talk on Native Indian music and legends.

Cricket - we play Ashburton tomorrow.

Undesirable Whitsun trippers.

Swimming - meeting of the club at the club's dressing sheds.

For Hire - the Junior School Kitchen will hire a glass container with a tap for lemonade at parties. Contact Miss Nicholls.

Barton Farm - did well at the Royal Cornwall Show at St Austell.


Ramblers' route for Sunday

Country Dance Party - General Country Dancing on the Great Lawn, conducted tours round the Banqueting Hall.

429 - News of the Day - Tuesday 30th May 1933

Notices - Whitsun Holidays - Drive gates.
Cricket - we won against Ashburton 124 to 60 . S Roose 32, R Elmhirst 20.
Unclaimed letter - a letter addressed to Rev Nandor Vas, postmarked Budapest is waiting to be claimed.
Angling - to fish in estate water a fee is to paid. Apply Mr W Thomas.
Lawn tennis Tournament. - Entrance fees to Mr P W R Stephen, central Office, Miss E Brice, Library or Mr J C Parsons, Staverton Builders.

Gardens - Success at Chelsea a Gold Medal for our rock Garden and Silver Cub for our Trees and Shrubs.

Sawmills Chelsea Show - orders taken. Enquiry for oak timber for a church roof.

Directorate - The Directors of Dartington Hall Ltd thank all departments for the success at various shows. Mr Tope's pigs. Mr Lynch's assistants. Mr & Mrs Turner. Mr Lynch's photographs and Mr Marshall's designs. Mr Crook's in the Dairy Show.

430 - News of the Day - Friday 2nd June 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - Miss Viola Mitchell, violinist will play in the Great Hall. The accompanist will be Mr Ivor Newton.

Notices - all departments closed for Whitsun.
Cricket - draw against Paignton.

Meteorological Report.
Poultry department report.

Lawn tennis tournament - News of the Day Cup for Mixed Doubles. Fees to Mr P W Stephen Central Office, Miss E Brice, Library or Mr J C Parsons Staverton Builders.

431 - News of the Day - Tuesday 6th June 1933
Staverton Builders Ltd - an Exhibition of British Industrial art in relation to the Home at Dorland Hall, Lower Regent St, SW1 will supply examples of their work,

Tennis tournament

Cricket - won against Corkscrews 278 - 190.

To let furnished for August Bungalow 6 Huxhams Cross with Garage apply C Langdon-Davies.

Teeth - Dr Henry Dagger will lecture of Care of Teeth in the common room of the Primary School.

Old Parsonage Farm - Mr Jones has made a model of the farm buildings, which is now on show at Addisons Café Torquay.

Devon County Show report.
Meteorological Report
Dance - the Dartmouth Hockey Club is holding a Flannel Dance at Dartmouth. Tickets from E Brice, Library.

Tennis Tournament
Preliminary Round
J Mason & E East; W L Wright & H Larrad

First round
D Leach & partner - bye; A Bland & partner bye; M D Young & Mrs Allan winner of preliminary round; R Biggs & Miss Winterstein play d Swan & H Elmhirst;
W E Barnes & Jennifer Sutcliffe play J Allan & Mrs Magnus
W J Beer & M Waldron play W K Slater & C Langdon-Davies
G L Underwood & G Roose play E J Martin & J MacGregor
J C Parsons & P Coutts play L K Elmhirst & F M Anderton
C H Pearson & L Stephens play J V Elmhirst & M Burrell
R O'Malley & Mrs Burgess play E Clake & K Hull-Brown
R S Lynch & Jean Sutcliffe play W E Hiley & Elinor Sinnott
C Bissicks & D W Elmhirst play P W R Stephen & M Hiley
W St J Pym & Mrs Bissicks play T H Walters & E Brice
J B E Patterson & B Jewell play B Leach & J Coad
A Pengilly & partner bye
F Walters & partner bye
All results to Miss E Brice

432 - News of the Day - Friday 9th June 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - Griller Quartet and Mr Norman Stone of the English Singers will perform compositions by Mr Rawsthorne & Mr Biggs. After the concert there will be an exhibition of the work of Mr Mark Tobey, Mr Adrian Kent and Mr Bernard Leach in Miss Soelberg's Studio in the dance school.

Torquay Medical Society's visit.

Tennis club - match against Dartside Tennis Club.

Lost - £2 notes with some Estate Bills. Finder return to R Legg, Driver's Room.

Dance School - next Saturday a public performance of 'The Woman from the Voe' a play by Gordon Bottomley, produced by Miss Van Volkenberg and the dance students.

For Sale - Ladies BSA cycle apply J O'Connell, Woodlands Dept.

Water all departments are asked to reduce water consumption. The meters last Wednesday read 55,000 gallons.

Rules of walking on the Estate.

Library - 'A Short History of Dartington Hall with Architectural Notes' on sale at 6d a copy can be obtained from Mr C H O Pearson and Dartcrafts Studio. In town the following firms are selling the History - Cumings, High St; S J Veasey, High St; W Chaplin-Bennett, Fore St.

433 - News of the Day - Tuesday 13th June 1933
Mr & Mrs P W R Stephen a daughter born Sunday morning 11th June.

Cricket - We won against Totnes 126 - 107.

Sunday Evening Meeting - Music composed by Ronald Biggs and Alan Rawsthorne played by the Griller Quartet and Mr Norman Stone, tenor vocalist.

Parents' Meeting - Dr Henry Dagger will lecture on 'Care of the Teeth, and its Relation to Health' in common Room of the Primary School.
Piano recital - in Mr W B Curry's house, Mrs Hopkins will give a piano recital.

Magazine - last week for contributions.

Tennis Club - News of the Day Cup - results:-
W Wright & H Larrad beat J Mason & E East
L K Elmhirst & F M Anderton beat J C Parsons & P Coutts
P W R Stephen & M Hiley beat c Bissicks & D W Elmhirst
W J Pym & F Bissicks beat H Walters & E Brice

Swimming Club - swimmers using the Swimming club Hut to pay their subscriptions to Miss A Moore, Central Office; R Fawcett, Bothy; J V Elmhirst , L Rogers or W Finnimore.

Meteorological report

434 - News of the Day - Friday 16th June 1933
Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr Andrew MacLaren will speak on 'Political Pantaloons on economist Donkeys'.

Coral Society - meeting in Great Hall.

Sawmills - new Siren.

Woodlands - Yarner Beacon greatly improved as a pleasure resort. Planted with Nobilis Silver fir, Grandis Silver Fir, Nordman's Silver Fir, Hemlock Spruce, thuji plicata, Monterey Pine, Sitka Spruce, Douglas fir, Deodar Cedar, Lawson Cypress, Red American Oak, Whitebeam, Copper Beech, Black Italian Poplar & Horse Chestnut. Route for walk turn right towards Week or left towards the Poultry farm on the Plymouth Road.

Notices - Folk Dance Party - 5 orange canvas chairs with steel frames belonging to the Junior School are missing. Please contact Mrs Kent at the school office.

Tennis club - Dartside Match - we lost 5-4. H Larrad & J Allan, M Knapman & J Hayman; N Knapman & E Nott, N Tapley & W Massey; M Hiley & D Leach ,G Roose & R Elmhirst .

Longball Match

435 - News of the Day - Tuesday 20th June 1933
Cricket - Dartington Hall Club won against Torquay Corinthians. Last 42; Todkill 35; Kerslake 30. Bater for Torquay made 54. J Collingbourne took 6 for 41 and Kerslake 2 for 14.

Gardens Department - Old newspapers for packing purposes.

School Camp - The Seniors to Fowey - Junior School to Scabbacombe.

Tennis tournament - results.

Laboratory News - grass & Silos. Laboratory Tennis team ;- Dr Slater, Messrs Pearson, Martin, Beer, Wright, and Patterson.

Meteorological report .

436 - News of the Day - Friday 23 June 1933
Notices - Sunday Evening Meeting - Mr Odlin will show a collection of travel films.
Parents Meeting - in the Primary School Mr L K Elmhirst will shown lantern slides and give a talk on Russia and its School's Miss Virginia Young will talk on the emergency Scheme of the Save the Children Fund for Nursery Schools in this country.

Teacher Training Dept - Family on the Estate wanted to take on a student of the Teacher training Dept on the Au Pair plan (ie giving her board and keep in return for services), which would enable her to carry on with her studies. Contact M E Isherwood, Primary School.

Junior School Kitchen - with help from Miss Weir of South Devon Technical College have tested strawberry jam using four methods (Shinners Bridge strawberries used):-
1) The addition of Certo, a Canadian product consisting of fruit pectin.
2) The addition of Membrose, a British pectin products needing the addition of lemon juice
3) The ordinary method with lemon added
4) The ordinary method with tartaric acid

Results given in a chart.

Donald Swan and motor cycle accident on Tuesday morning.

437- News of the Day - Tuesday 27th June 1933
Notices - girl from German University requires a family where she could live au pair. She has a place at Girton.

Cricket - We won against Plymouth GWR 101 - 93

Tennis club - D Leach & E East; A Bland & Mrs Langdon-Davies; A Pengilly & Mrs Allan; F Walters & G Roose;
W E Barnes & J Sutcliffe, J Allan & Mrs Magnus. R O'Malley & Mrs Burgess. E Clake & K Hull-Brown.

Wireless Sets - Devon Electric are selling a range of 1933 Wireless Sets.

For Sale - 1929 Model, royal Enfield motor cycle. Contact H Hawkins, 19 Huxhams Cross.

Research department report.

Gardens report. Approach road to the Dance Hall to be made up. Government Grant for the park at Sidmouth is about to be approved.

Football club.

438 News of the Day - Friday 30th June 1933
Sunday evening Meeting - Mr H N Brailsford will talk on 'Can the World Re-construct Itself?'

Tennis club - Dartside Match

Primary School Library - still many books missing.

Textile Department - Sheep breeding experiment, which is being carried out on Dartmoor at Hedge Barton Farm, Widecombe. New textile Workshop is nearing completion.

Pablo Picasso - is he worth a place in England? The Contemporary Art Society wish to purchase by public subscription 'Profile' by Picasso.

Library list of additions.

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