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Stormy weather (c) Getty

LandWorks update: Hello, innit

Friday 17 October, 2014

We have been recently struck by a wee hurricane at LandWorks. Not an autumnal gale or the tail end of something windy crossing from the Americas but a young chap with enough attitude to take on all the USA.

Vaughan's blog: Reflections from the events of last week at Dartington

Friday 10 October, 2014

“I thought it helpful to share some of my reflections and actions that I commit to take.
As many may know, we submitted a significant amount of land as part of our Local Authority forward planning process…”

sewage field cows

Volunteering at Dartington: From 'sewage field' to ecological haven

Wednesday 08 October, 2014

Sonja is Volunteer Manager at The Dartington Hall Trust – this blog is the first in a new series looking at the profound impact of volunteers on the Dartington estate.

Countryfile visits LandWorks

LandWorks update: Welcoming BBC Countryfile

Monday 06 October, 2014

BBC Countryfile’s visit to LandWorks seems to have been a great success – but is the feelgood factor about to be crushed?

Calves at Dartington

Food & Farming blog: A fond farewell; a warm welcome

Wednesday 01 October, 2014

As long-time Old Parsonage Farm tenant Ian Forbes retires, a new face is welcomed to the Dartington estate.

Holding hands (index)

LandWorks update: I just want to hold your hand

Friday 29 August, 2014

Chris and the trainees head to Schumacher College for some lunch – and it turns out that one trainee has an ulterior motive…

Hand-made sign at LandWorks

LandWorks update: An earthy broadcast from the LBC

Thursday 21 August, 2014

“Not for the first time, have I stood at the entrance gate talking to an interested passerby, only to have conversation stopped by something not so nice, quite often weirdly anatomical and being broadcasted at full volume by LBC (LandWorks Broadcasting Corp)”

Outdoor Cinema at Dartington

Film blog: The challenge of outdoor cinema

Wednesday 20 August, 2014

Jim Whittle* is the Barn Cinema’s Manager & Film Programmer. Here, he writes on the challenges – and joys – of staging cinema outside.

Cows at Old Parsonage Farm

Food & Farming blog: And then there were three

Wednesday 13 August, 2014

The prospective tenants for Old Parsonage Farm must be whittled down to three, and finally just one. How do John and his team tackle this challenging task?

Swift in flight. (c) Mark Taylor

Mary's blog: A swift journey to the moon and back

Saturday 09 August, 2014

In this blog, Dartington veteran Mary Bartlett explores the impact of David Lack, a legendary ornithologist whose career took flight at Dartington.

Bird motif at the LandWorks site

LandWorks update: Breakin' rocks in the hot sun

Friday 08 August, 2014

Taking flight: As Chris and the trainees are at work in the field, disaster strikes.

Young trees planted by the trainees in the LandWorks garden

LandWorks update: A lot happens in a year

Friday 25 July, 2014

As LandWorks celebrates its 1st birthday, Chris reflects on the staggering progress the project has made since it began.

combine harvester FOR INDEX

Food & Farming blog: What is agroforestry?

Thursday 24 July, 2014

This month, Dartington Estate Manager John tackles the topic of agroforestry – and the important part it’s set to play in Dartington’s sustainable farming plans.

LandWorks bench FOR INDEX

LandWorks Update: Zen and the art of the picnic bench

Friday 11 July, 2014

The LandWorks picnic bench production line is taking off – fancy some new patio furniture?


LandWorks update: A powerful Symbol

Wednesday 25 June, 2014

Hunched and looming out of the morning mist, the astonishing ‘Symbol’ scultpure at LandWorks has a powerful effect on those arriving from prison.

Earth Power Bars

Schumacher College recipe: Earth Power Bars

Friday 20 June, 2014

These bars hold together well and are soft, mildly chewy and very moreish – a bit like a healthy brownie.

LandWorks update: Putting a price on cultural capital

Wednesday 18 June, 2014

Chris takes a moment to discuss the practical realities of financing LandWorks – and how you can help.

Dartington LandWorks

LandWorks update: Good days and exhausting days

Friday 30 May, 2014

Some days are better than others – and working with men who are often ex-addicts brings its own peculiar difficulties.

Sue's forest gardening placement

Sue's View: Symbiosis in the forest garden

Friday 30 May, 2014

It’s time for Sue’s first placement as part of her course at Schumacher College – and it’s an eye-opening experience.

Dartington LandWorks

LandWorks update: Prison, not Priory

Friday 23 May, 2014

When a GP asserts that there are no drug issues in his part of South Devon, Chris wonders if there is a lack of understanding of the problems communities face.

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