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Nicky Swann

Part of Home Festival 2012

“One of the very best of the new generation of female singer-songwriters, this powerful, original and versatile singer has achieved critical acclaim with sublime original songs that are rooted in Americana traditions but can just as easily encompass cool summer jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, and folksy ballads…”
Keving Buxton, Kontra Roots

“Winner of Best Acoustic Act”
South West Music Awards 2011

After splitting from her covers duo and long term guitarist in 2006 Nicky searched long and hard to find a replacement, eventually deciding to take on the role of guitarist herself, quickly expanded her three chord repertoire and was soon seen and heard playing shows after about six months. She started to write a batch of new material and re-launched her career in music as singer-songwriter. Her first album Matches and Dispatches was released in 2010 and her second How Does Your Land Lie? in 2012.

Since that time Nicky hasn’t looked back and her achievements to date include, winning South West Music Best Acoustic Act Award 2011, recording with the top multi-instrumentalist Phil Beer (Show of Hands), winning the Artsbase singer-songwriter award 2009, sharing the stage with many top UK artists including Clive Gregson, Roy Bailey and Megson as well as American artists Corrine West and Brooks Williams. She has headlined the acoustic stage at Transition Festival, supported Show Of Hands at Chagstock and is a regular performer at Dartmouth Music Festival. She has also performed for BBC Radio with the award winning folk singer and fiddle player Jackie Oates.

Nicky’s second album titled How Does Your Land Lie? is a collection of songs inspired by historic tales from her home of South Devon. Researching the album led Nicky to discover some surprising tales, from an 18th century inventor of a diving machine to the tragic teenage love affair of a young Devon girl.


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