What is School for Social Entrepreneurs Dartington?

SSE Dartington provides training and opportunities that enable people with entrepreneurial ideas to achieve positive change in their communities.

It was launched within The Dartington Hall Trust in January 2010 and is one of ten schools in the UK and internationally.

  • Are you someone who wants to make a difference in your community?
  • Are you unsure how to get started and make your idea reality?
  • Would you like to meet and learn with like-minded people who share your passion?
  • Would you like to ‘learn differently’, learning by doing, rather than text books and lectures?


If this is you, or someone that you know, then School for Social Entrepreneurs Dartington is here to help you.


Current SSE Courses

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SSE Bristol Business Support Programme

The Bristol Business Support Programme

This opportunity is aimed at leaders of established organisations (organisations under two years old) who may be looking at scaling their impact, becoming more sustainable, or just moving to the next level. Read More >>

Green Enterpreneurs

Green Entrepreneurship in Action

We need a new breed of entrepreneur able to imagine the intricate relationships between social justice, environmental sustainability and economic viability. The green entrepreneur sees creative opportunities where others see complexity and challenge. Read More >>

Lloyds programme graphic

Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme

Applications closed for 2015 If you are at an early stage in the development of your project or organisation, the Start Up programme will support you in personal development and the basic business skills to help turn your social enterprise idea into reality, Read More >>

About Dartington SSE

SSE was founded by Michael Young, Lord Young of Dartington, a prolific entrepreneur and social innovator, who launched over forty organisations throughout his industrious and impressive career including the Open University, Which Magazine and the Consumers Association.

Why is our approach so different?

The SSE approach is centred on you and your project. We shape the learning opportunities according to the visions and needs of the people who come through our doors. These people are personally committed to making a difference within their communities and in their society: people who’s objectives are more than about profit. Our learning process is powered by action and reflection and is far removed from the traditional educational and learning programmes.

“The Dartington School for Social Entrepreneurs has provided a challenging but essential programme of activities, which have provided an essential backbone for shaping a successful and sustainable start-up enterprise.” – Katherine Ford – 2012 Start-Up Fellowship Fellow


Watch: Graduation event for Dartington SSE’s second cohort of Bristol students in 2014