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Great Hall

The Great Hall forms part of the original manor house which was built in 1388 by John Holand, Earl of Huntingdon and Duke of Exeter, and half brother of Richard II.

It is listed as being on the site of a scheduled ancient monument (monument number 34872), the ruins and buried remains of the Great House at Dartington. The badge of Richard II and the Plantagenates — a white hart on a red rose — can be seen on the central boss in the roof of the porch.

When The Elmhirsts purchased the Dartington Hall estate in 1925 the Great Hall was in ruins, four walls without a roof. They restored it for use as a performance space. Between 1926 and 1937 it was restored by William Weir.

The Hall is found within the medieval courtyard. It is a grade I listed building (click here to find out more about what listing means).

We rent out the Great Hall regularly for weddings, as a venue for conferences. When it is not in use, the public are welcome to have a look inside.

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