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The Barn Theatre and Cinema

The Barn is open to the public for films and performances. See the Barn Cinema section for full programme.

Very little is known of the early history of this building, except that it was probably the last part of the Hall to be built, during the 15th century. The six-sided threshing house (the Round House) was built in the 19th century. In 1930-1 William Weir supervised the external reconstruction of the barn and Walter Gropius and Robert Hening undertook its conversion into a theatre between 1933-8.

Over subsequent years the Barn Theatre was one of the most significant arts venues in the west country. It has also been the principal performance space for drama and dance originating at Dartington (e.g. Michael Chekhov, Kurt Jooss) and hosting a wide range of visiting national and international theatre, opera and dance companies.

In 1996 the Barn was refurbished, including rewiring, heating system, new seats and the installation of stage lighting and a projection system. Much of the funding required for this work was received from the Arts Council of England’s National Lottery Fund, the European 5b Fund and the Rural Development Commission. Matching funding was provided by the Trust.

Situated to the left hand side of the medieval courtyard. Access is gained under the archway at the entrance to the courtyard.

Grade I listed (click here to find out more about what listing means).

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