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So much more than just pots and pans!

NOW AVAILABLE HERE: nets of logs (£5.50/net) and kindling (£3.50/net) – also available at the Visitor Centre

Left: Collectively Artisan. Right: Sophie Conran Portmeirion Collection
Left: Collectively Artisan. Right: Sophie Conran Portmeirion Collection

We have ranges for serious cooks, enthusiastic cooks and even gifts for people who do not like to cook at all.

• China from Portmeirion

• Vibrant handmade table-top & ovenware ceramics from Collectively Artisan

• Cookware from Stellar

• Signature knife range from Robert Welch

• Colourful and innovative kitchenware from Joseph Joseph and Zeal

• Bespoke furniture on display from Barnes of Ashburton. For further information please visit

• Linen from Betty Boyns and Ulster Weavers

Plus the latest cookbooks, stylish tableware and gadgets for everyone.


Jani Tully Chaplin

Devon Artist and Designer

Will be joining us in the Kitchen Shop on Saturday 30th August.

Please do come along, where you can meet Jani, see some of her original artwork and purchase a signed mug or book (or both).

Born in Devon, Jani developed a love of painting and drawing from the age of five and later studied art and history of art in England and abroad. Inspiration for the setting of The Manor House Stories came from the early eighteenth century Kingston House in Staverton, three miles from The Dartington Hall Estate. It was here, over 25 years ago, Jani created the first of what would be The Manor House Stories, for her children.

New In

Corckcicle Air

Corkcicle Air is a great new addition to the range and is the perfect solution for keeping your wine cool and aerates whilst you pour. The Corkcicle Air is based on the original design of an Icicle and has the new aerator built into the cork top. There is no need for drippy ice-buckets, simply freeze your corkcicle, slot in the top of your wine bottle and let it chill your wine from within.

Features and benefits:

• The World’s first in-bottle wine chilling cork.
• Aerates your wine as you pour.
• Keeps your wine bottles chilled.
• Stylish stalactite design.
• Filled with thermal gem – stays frozen for longer.
• Unique barware gift.
• Measures: (h)30cm x (dia)2cm.
• Packed in gift presentation box.

This unique wine aerator is not just perfect for summer parties, but is also great during any dinner party and a perfect wine gift.

Portmeirion – Coast

Refreshing, relaxed and reminiscent of Britain’s seashores, Coast creates impact through its understated and harmonious design.

Featuring deconstructed lines of worn jute linens in sea blues and sandy yellows, Coast is a beautiful collection that brings a little piece of seaside serenity to your dinner table.

Beco Pets

Amazingly, Beco Pets products are made from 100% natural materials! Because of this, when a Beco Pet Product is thrown away it will breakdown and biodegrade in landfill over 3-5 years leaving no trace of synthetic waste or landfill footprint.

Special Offers

Stellar Portable Induction Hob

  • 10 Selectable temperatures 40c to 220c
  • Precision cooking heats to exact temperatures
  • Fast Frying 220c in seconds
  • Efficient
  • Only the pan is heated not the hob
  • Simple touch controls
  • Spillages do not bake on the hob just wipe clean
  • Hour and minute timer
  • Child lock
  • 2000w

Now 20% OFF!

Portmeirion Water Garden

Water Garden features exquisitely painted and colourful flowers on a pristine white background – a splash of floral magic that will grace any table.

Now 30% OFF

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