International Summer School 2014

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The full concert programme has now been released.

2014 Concert Programme

Week 1

Concerts in Week 1 will include performances by The City Musick, the Dartington Festival Baroque Orchestra, Maggie Cole, Marieke Spaans, Anton Steck, Nick Clapton, Emma Kirkby, David Miller, Fretwork, Lisa Beznosiuk, Emily White, Gawain Glenton, and Jill Kemp. The week will culminate in a performance of the CPE Bach St John Passion with the Summer School Choir and Chamber Choir directed by Andrew Griffiths.

Week 2

Concerts in Week 2 will include performances by Jacqueline Shave, Philip Dukes, Christian Blackshaw, Louise Hopkins, Anna Tilbrook, Andrew Watts, Simon Fischer, and John Richards. The week will culminate with the Summer School Choir and Chamber Choir, led by Jacqueline Shave with the Dartington Festival Orchestra, performing JS Bach’s St John’s Passion with soloists Charles Daniels, Andrew Watts and Christopher Wray.

Week 3

Concerts in Week 3 will include performances by the Dartington Festival Orchestra, the Dartington Summer School Choir, Gabrieli Consort, Berkeley Ensemble, Chen Halevi, Thomas Robertello, Nicholas Daniel, Katya Apekisheva and Tom Poster and a special concert celebrating the birthdays of Peter Maxwell Davies, Harrison Birtwistle and John Woolrich. The week will culminate with a performance of Tippett’s A Child of Our Time, and a new work by John Woolrich, directed by Paul McCreesh with the Dartington Summer School Choir and Dartington Festival Orchestra.

Jill Kemp

STARTS: Wednesday 30 July, 5:15pm

Jill Kemp recorders Claire Williams harpsichord read more

The City Musick

STARTS: Wednesday 30 July, 7:45pm

Silver Sounds & Moody Food Music in Shakespeare’s London The City Musick present a concert that revels in the music played in the theatres, dance halls, taverns and streets of London in Shakespeare’s day. Combined with readings on music and London life from Shakespeare and his contemporaries, the music will reflect the many aspects of the repertoire played by the civic bands, the Waits and other musicians in the great city. On shawms, cornetts, sackbuts, recorders and of course bagpipes read more


STARTS: Wednesday 30 July, 10:00pm

Gerry Rossi, Una MacGlone and George Burt, from the Glasgow Improvisors Orchestra and directors of the Improvisation Course at DISS, will perform a structured improvisations incorporating a graphic score and pre-composed musical sequences/loops, and a completely free piece with no pre-determined more

DISS Masterclass Concert

STARTS: Thursday 31 July, 5:15pm

Performances by selected students from this week’s masterclasses. read more

DISS Baroque Orchestra

STARTS: Thursday 31 July, 7:45pm

Anton Steck director Maggie Cole fortepiano Marieke Spaans harpsichord Emma Kirkby soprano read more

Cakes & Ale - Tavern Music from Shakespeare's London

STARTS: Thursday 31 July, 10:00pm

Cakes & Ale - Tavern Music from Shakespeare's Londonread more

DISS Orchestral Workshop

STARTS: Friday 1 August, 4:00pm

Holly Mathieson directorread more

Renaissance Big Band

STARTS: Friday 1 August, 5:15pm

Dance and ensemble music of the 16th and 17th century, performed by students from the Noyse of Minstrells course directed by The City Musick, and the Early Brass course directed by Emily White and Gawain Glenton. Ranging from four part crumhorn consort to a massed band of shawms, dulcians, bagpipes, curtails, cornets and sackbutts playing elegant canzonas and fantasias, and some cracking dance more

DISS Choir, Chamber Choir and Baroque Orchestra

STARTS: Friday 1 August, 7:45pm

Andrew Griffiths director Nicholas Clapton alto Charles Daniels tenor read more

DISS Improvisation Students Concert

STARTS: Friday 1 August, 10:00pm

A culmination of the week’s course at DISS, the students’ concert will feature musical ideas developed during the workshop sessions and will include small group performances, a graphic score ‘concerto’, and a film more

Charles Daniels

STARTS: Saturday 2 August, 7:45pm

Charles Daniels tenor Anna Tilbrook piano Nicholas Daniel oboe read more

Zemlinsky Quartet

STARTS: Sunday 3 August, 7:45pm

Haydn String Quartet in G minor No. 3 ‘The Horseman’ Janacek String Quartet No. 1 ‘The Kreutzer Sonata’ Dvorak String Quartet No. 12 ‘American’ read more

Black Voices

STARTS: Sunday 3 August, 10:00pm

Widely acclaimed as Europe’s leading female a cappella quintet, Black Voices successfully blends the melodies of Europe and the rhythms of Africa that break down barriers. With the exquisite range of their unaccompanied voices and their intricate and soul stirring harmonies – from spirituals and traditional songs to jazz, modern and classical arrangements – Black Voices is simply the most exciting and finest exponents of a cappella singing in the black oral tradition read more

Colin Matthews - Talk

STARTS: Monday 4 August, 5:15pm

Colin Matthews, in conversation with Nicholas Daniel, discusses his life and work, with musical more

Christian Blackshaw

STARTS: Monday 4 August, 7:45pm

Christian Blackshaw piano Mozart Sonata in C major K330 Mozart Sonata in C minor K457 Schubert Sonata in C minor D958 read more

Mark Simpson

STARTS: Monday 4 August, 10:00pm

Mark Simpson clarinet Richard Uttley piano read more

Sian Edwards and Joy Farrall

STARTS: Tuesday 5 August, 5:15pm

Sian Edwards, Head of Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music, talks to Joy Farrall, Professor of Clarinet at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, about the privilege and responsibility of being both women and internationally acclaimed musicians. Reflecting on their influences, and contemplating the future in the context of the ‘glass ceiling’ breaking moment of Marin Alsop’s conducting of the last night of the Proms 2013, Sian and Joy give an insight into their colourful careers. read more

Jacqueline Shave, Philip Dukes, Louise Hopkins, Anna Tilbrook

STARTS: Tuesday 5 August, 7:45pm

Jacqueline Shave violin Philip Dukes viola Louise Hopkins cello Anna Tilbrook piano read more

Simon Fischer

STARTS: Wednesday 6 August, 5:15pm

Simon Fischer violin String players from the DISS masterclasses read more

Andrew Watts, Jonathan Watts

STARTS: Wednesday 6 August, 7:45pm

Andrew Watts countertenor Jonathan Watts piano read more

Louise Hopkins

STARTS: Wednesday 6 August, 10:00pm

Louise Hopkins cello Nicholas Daniel conductor String players including DISS tutors and students from the DISS masterclasses read more

Tom Hutchinson - Talk

STARTS: Thursday 7 August, 5:15pm

At the Heart of Music - The Royal Philharmonic Society read more

Masterclass Concert

STARTS: Thursday 7 August, 7:45pm

Performances by selected students from this week’s masterclassesread more

Dirty Electronics

STARTS: Thursday 7 August, 10:00pm

Dirty Electronics Wrongs of the Hand read more

DISS String Orchestra

STARTS: Friday 8 August, 5:15pm

DISS String Orchestra Kenneth Sillito director read more

DISS Choir and Chamber Choir

STARTS: Friday 8 August, 7:45pm

Dartington Festival Orchestra Jacqueline Shave director Jonathan Watts chorus master Christopher Wray director DISS chamber choir read more

DISS Gospel Choir

STARTS: Friday 8 August, 10:00pm

The final performance of this week’s course is directed by Carol Pemberton MBE and Celia Wickham Anderson of the internationally acclaimed Black Voices – a female a cappella quintet. The concert is focused on participants delivering mixed repertoire of styles, singing in the Black Oral more

Dartington Festival Orchestra

STARTS: Saturday 9 August, 7:45pm

Conducted by students on the Advanced Conducting Course directed by Sian Edwardsread more

Christopher Deacon

STARTS: Sunday 10 August, 5:15pm

Chris Deacon trumpet Nicholas Daniel oboe Juliet Edwards piano read more

Katya Apekisheva, Tom Poster

STARTS: Sunday 10 August, 7:45pm

Tom Poster piano Katya Apekisheva piano with players from the Dartington Festival Orchestra read more

Richard Stilgoe, Richard Sisson

STARTS: Sunday 10 August, 10:00pm

The two Richards will offer a glimpse of what song writing means to them. Performing original material written especially for the occasion and supported by colleagues from DISS the concert will rejoice in the spontaneity that only a shortage of rehearsal can inspire – a one-off event never to be seen or heard again!read more

Berkeley Ensemble

STARTS: Monday 11 August, 5:15pm

Tom Poster pianoread more

Robertello, Daniel, Halevi, Farrall

STARTS: Monday 11 August, 7:45pm

Thomas Robertello flute Nicholas Daniel oboe Chen Halevi clarinet Joy Farrall clarinet Tom Poster, Katya Apekisheva piano read more

John Woolrich - Talk

STARTS: Tuesday 12 August, 5:15pm

John Woolrich discusses his own work, and that of Peter Maxwell Davies and Harrison Birtwistle in the context of their connections to each other and through more

The Birthday Concert

STARTS: Tuesday 12 August, 7:45pm

Mark Simpson conductor DISS New Music Ensemble read more

Sally Groves Illustrated talk

STARTS: Wednesday 13 August, 5:15pm

First performed in London in the depths of WW2 (the theatre was so cold, the players wore mittens) in the intervening 70 years A Child of Our Time has come to hold a very special place in the hearts of audiences all over the world and continues to moves us to tears. The work is programmed constantly, especially in Germany, where the aspiration at the heart of the score, I would know my shadow and my light, so shall I at last be whole, has a particularly powerful resonance. Tippett's integration of five Spirituals, like the Chorales in Bach's Passions, draws its performers and audience together in a simple yet overwhelming sense of shared more

Dartington Festival Orchestra

STARTS: Wednesday 13 August, 7:45pm

Conducted by students on the Advanced Conducting Course directed by Sian Edwardsread more

Gabrieli Consort

STARTS: Thursday 14 August, 5:15pm

Paul McCreesh directorread more

DISS Masterclass Concert and New music

STARTS: Thursday 14 August, 7:45pm

Performances by selected students from this week’s more

Songs from the Musicals

STARTS: Thursday 14 August, 10:00pm

A culmination of the New Music course directed by Colin Matthews, Mark Simpson and Joy Farrall, featuring new works written on the course and performed by the DISS New Music Ensembleread more

DISS Wind Band

STARTS: Friday 15 August, 5:15pm

Steve Dummer directorread more

DISS Choir

STARTS: Friday 15 August, 7:45pm

Dartington Festival Orchestraread more

Book, Music, Lyrics & DISS Big Band

STARTS: Friday 15 August, 10:00pm

The climax of a week’s course creating new scenes and songs directed by Richard Stilgoe and Richard more

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