International Summer School 2014


In 2014, the Summer School runs for three weeks:

Week 1 (Saturday 26 July to Friday, 1 August)
Focus: Early Music

Week 2 (Saturday, 2 August to Friday, 8 August)
Focus: families and string players

Week 3 (Saturday, 9 August to Friday 16 August)
Focus: wind and brass

Beginners and Non-Musicians
The following classes are suitable for beginners or non-musicians:
• All of the exploration sessions
• Gospel choir
• Dirty Electronics
• Family programme

Course Schedules
Each week comprises 20-30 courses – from individual instrumental and vocal classes to chamber music, large ensemble courses and composition. You can take part in up to four courses per week (timetable permitting) and stay for one, or all three, weeks.

Beginners: courses suitable for beginners are marked with a plus sign †
Advanced: Advanced courses are marked with an asterisk * and are subject to an application process, see Advanced Courses for details.

What I loved most was the variety. People from various places with varying skills came together in a massive range of classes to share knowledge and passion.”

26 July -
1 August
A week for early music lovers – Baroque orchestra, Viol Consorts and Renaissance Music feature alongside a full programme of chamber music, orchestral workshop, master classes, workshops and the return of Junk Music.
2 - 8
With a focus on strings, this week has something for everyone at every level including the ever popular Gospel Choir and Dirty Electronics, opportunities for pianists, conductors, composers and the brand new Family Project.
9 - 15
Plenty for wind and brass players and singers in this week including Vocal Ensembles, Wind Band and Big Band, an exciting focus on Music Theatre and a huge range of instrumental and vocal classes.
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