International Summer School 2014


Dartington International Summer School Priority Booking

Click here to download the booking form: Advance Booking Form DISS 2014.docx

Over the past couple of months we have been challenged by the task of fitting everything we know and love, on top of all the exciting new ideas and collaborations that Nicholas Daniel adds to the mix, into three weeks of the Summer School for 2014. We’ve cooked up something that is rich and intense, with familiar flavours.

Week 1: Sat 26 July – Friday 1 August: Early Music
Week 2: Saturday 2 August – Friday 8 August – emphasis on strings
Week 3: Saturday 9 August – Friday 15 August – emphasis on wind

Although each week will have its own focus, throughout the Summer School there will be courses for all instruments at all levels covering music from across the world and across time.

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