3. Conservation

Please be aware that the below is not a definite statement of intent – please think of it as a word document or googledoc which is open for you and us to comment on. That way we can all see what the ideas up for discussion are, write down new ones and debate whether or not they’re good ideas.

As identified in the 2016 State of Nature Report, the UK has seen a decline in biodiversity generally of 56% since 1970. The estate’s aspiration is to counter that trend.

  • The estate has a number of different data sets across a variety of species. We will undertake a desk based review of existing data producing our own “state of the estate” report which will provide us with a biodiversity intactness index, relevant to the scale of the estate, against which we can identify a target for ensuring biodiversity on the estate is not reducing and instead work towards increasing our biodiversity.
  • Undertake a mapping exercise to determine the most significant habitats and wildlife corridors across the estate. Having mapped key areas these could then be protected from development and light pollution. Public access could be restricted, in some locations, if it is considered important that we retain a number of conservation spaces.
  • The estate will embrace the opportunity for species re-introduction if it is felt the estate provided appropriate habitat (which it may not). Potential species could include beavers, water voles and pine martens.
  • Should new developments, including housing and infrastructure, must result in net biodiversity gain as outlined in the Defra 25 year environment plan?
  • Ought we to prioritise development on sites of the least ecological value?

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2 thoughts on “3. Conservation

  1. Surely climate change should be mentioned here? We’ve already had 2 degrees temperature rise in Devon in the last 65 years and are likely to get more. Should there be a study looking at the effects of another 1 or 1.5 degrees rise to see if it even viable to try and conserve some species? If not then what?

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