4. Forestry

Please be aware that the below is not a definite statement of intent – please think of it as a word document or googledoc which is open for you and us to comment on. That way we can all see what the ideas up for discussion are, write down new ones and debate whether or not they’re good ideas.

We will increase forest cover on the estate with an emphasis on agroforestry to deliver tree fodder, biomass, timber and diverse food crops.

  • The next agroforestry system to consider would be a silvo pastural system for livestock welfare.

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One thought on “4. Forestry

  1. Yes!
    For silvopasture though, presumably DHT need a single tenant to implement both tree and animal parts of the system (unlike the alley cropping field).
    One of the tree species that should be considered is hybrid walnut – fast, will improve with warming climate, and produces valuable timber in a short period of time (30-40 years).

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