9. Learning

Please be aware that the below is not a definite statement of intent – please think of it as a word document or googledoc which is open for you and us to comment on. That way we can all see what the ideas up for discussion are, write down new ones and debate whether or not they’re good ideas.

We commit to creating a place where living and learning can flourish together.

  • Engage with other farmers through visits, participation in farming networks and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.
  • Willing to undertake more experimental approaches to land use, farming and food businesses in the interests of creating new knowledge for the commons which aids in the transition towards a more sustainable and stable future for agriculture.
  • Find ways of creating engaging and informative interpretation about agriculture and land use as people traverse the estate.
  • Use participation in the process of moving the estate towards a more agroecological landscape as a learning event for a wide range of Dartington stakeholders and to the benefit of a wider audience.

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