A Postcard from the Loire Valley

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Hi everyone!

I’m enjoying a week off in the Loire Valley with Didi, Matilda and my Dad. Everyone in the team is going to take a bit of a break before the summer school – hopefully!

We’ve seen a few castles of course, and in this region (near Saumur) there are numerous examples of troglodyte caves, some now wine cellars, restaurants, hotels, but also some still part of people’s homes and also a wonderful museum which we visited today (21 June). I don’t want any complaints from the Trogs about their slightly damp rooms this summer, one set of caves is now a mushroom museum so you can guess how damp it is in there! But an example of a bedroom in a troglodyte home is pictured here…

Trog bed - France

It’s good to have a total break from work, although as I write this I realise there is an obvious downside to not checking your emails for a week! But I’m hoping when I get back we’ll be onto sorting out final details for courses, and artists’ technical requirements for their concerts. We’ll also be looking at menus for the summer; we have a great new chef and also some home-grown produce to look forward to! I think Rachel was going to write about this in the newsletter as she has been helping out with the project, so maybe you already know all about that.

Anyway, this is far more than would fit on a postcard, but it’s been nice to think about the summer school for 10 minutes while I’m away.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks time!



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