Interactive map: Protected and notable species at Dartington

The natural world at Dartington is often varied and hard to keep track of – but with the assistance of the Devon Biodiversity Record Centre you can now get a slightly clearer picture of life on the estate using the map accessed via the link below. Zoom in and click on different circles to discover what the latest wildlife recordings, from slow worms to otters.

You can also help, immensely, by clicking here to submit your own wildlife sightings which will then (after a check by the DBRC) appear on the map.

What’s important about biodiversity mapping?

Mapping helps us improve our understanding of different species, what they eat, where they live, the conditions in which they thrive (and the conditions in which they don’t).

With this information we can manage our landscape accordingly both here at Dartington and – when this data is shared – nationally and internationally as well.

You may be aware that this time in history is being referred to as the Anthropocene and we are experiencing the 6th mass extinction on the planet – losing species at a devastating rate because of the number of challenges they face, such as loss of habitat and climate change.

The more information we have about species, the more we can do to try and intervene on their behalf: providing appropriate habitat where there is none; using our landscape to help create routes which enable them to migrate in response to climate change; identifying where there are important pockets where a particular species is doing well which need to be conserved.

We really can’t have too much data but we only have a small conservation team, so if people can gather data when they’re out and about on the estate that’s both very helpful to us. Plus, when data goes to the Devon Biodiversity Record Centre, it helps contribute to a much bigger picture of our biodiversity.

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