Over the last six months, the Dartington Hall Trust has begun the first phase of fundraising to transform the Dartington estate.

Part of our fundraising plan is to secure philanthropic support and we are very pleased to have received an extremely generous gift of £2 million in March this year – the largest single philanthropic donation in the Trust’s history. It is very encouraging to know that there is significant support for the Trust’s vision to build on Dartington’s long history of experimentation in the arts, land and learning to become a model and test-bed for a sustainable society.

Unfortunately, another aspect of the Trusts’ fundraising strategy, to raise investment through a retail bond, has not been successful.  Despite having secured three out of the four key elements to delivering the bond (including an offer of capital funding from a major grant funder, a loan from an ethical bank and an institutional investor willing to invest in the bond), the Trust has been adversely impacted by the economic instability being created by Brexit and sadly has been unable to meet the minimum raise required to close the bond successfully.

Fortunately despite the outcome of the bond, we are able to raise the funds we need to deliver our vision through a variety of methods, and we are thrilled that our philanthropic fundraising campaigns have started so successfully.  A new three year strategy is under development by the Trust to agree a detailed plan for realising the vision and securing a sustainable future for the estate.

You can find out more about our vision for the future here ⇒

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