Audience to be under duvets for overhead acrobatic story

Be dazzled with acrobatics, theatre, dance and projections
in the circus’ 250th anniversary year

An award winning theatre company are to transform Dartington’s theatre space into a cosy bedroom of cushions, blankets and beds this Christmas – for an immersive adventure of overhead acrobatics, theatre, dance and 3D animation aimed at everyone from age three up.

Bedtime Stories by Upswing was written and directed by circus director Vicki Amedume, in this 250th anniversary year of the birth of circus in London (1768). The show’s story was inspired on her own childhood experience…

It’s bedtime and a little girl is getting ready for sleep. Her mum starts to tell her a bedtime story but work pressures take her away. Our young heroine rescues her mother with the help of her imaginary friend Three, going on an adventurous journey through unknown and magical places.

Bedtime Stories

Vicki Amedume, artistic director, Upswing, says:

‘When I was a child my mum often had to work nights, but she would record tapes of stories for us so we could still have our bedtime stories. My nephew is nine and I record stories for him and continue this little family tradition. In Bedtime Stories, I want to explore this idea of connection and separation. Families will watch the show unfold around them, while experiencing an immersive production that touches on risk, loss and the danger of being pulled apart.’

Amy Bere, executive director of arts, Dartington Hall Trust, says:

‘Building on our new tradition of innovative family shows for winter here at Dartington, we’re delighted to welcome Upswing Circus Theatre with their critically acclaimed show, Bedtime Stories. Told through contemporary circus and ariel performance, and enjoyed snuggled up with your family, this production will be a real treat over the festive season.’

Bedtime Stories was co-commissioned by Creative Black Country with development support from the Albany, the Point, Eastleigh, the Hangar Arts Trust and Jacksons Lane. It premiered at Stratford Circus in summer 2015 and sold out at Circusfest 2016 before a touring the UK and internationally at the Buenos Aires Circus Festival and Hong Kong International Arts Carnival 2018.

Performance time 55 minutes, suitable for ages 3+

Visit the Bedtime Stories event page for info and tickets ⇒

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