Bedtime Stories Short Story – Competition Winner

This story was the winner of the Dartington Arts and Upswing Bedtime Stories short story competition. Congratulations to Eva Minnie Carus who wrote it!

The princess and the light

By Eva Minnie Carus

Once upon a time in a mysterious land lived a princess called Delphine.
She was a really pretty princess but only her father, king Balthazar, could
see her beauty. The strange thing about this land is the castle that they live
in was as dark as a cave. Even though it was s really light outside not a
beam of light would shine through the murky windows. It was almost like a
massive black cloud was hovering over them all the time.
Scientists, professors and magicians tried to solve the problem of this
darkness for years but they could not do anything to help this cursed family.
In another unknown land lived a poor, but handsome, boy called Ferdinand,
who heard of this princess and the problems that were happening. He
thought he could help so he walked for seven long, tiring days to find the
castle. He finally arrive at the dark land. He knocked on the humongous,
wooden door. KNOCK ,KNOCK ,KNOCK! “Is anyone in ?” he said.
Suddenly the door creaked open just a little bit . Ferdinand could just about
squeeze his thin body into the dark,dark castle. He walked down the huge,
long corridor. When Ferdinand finally reached the end of the black, dusty
carpet (he was sure it was once red or is red it’s just so dark you can’t
really tell). Ferdinand came to the massive throne where King Balthazar
was sat. He climbed up carefully until he reached his enormous feet.
”Hello” said Ferdinand quitely
“Who’s there?” boomed the king.
“Ferdinand” he replied
“Ferdinand who?”
“Ferdinand from a different land”
“What are you doing here and who let you in”, the King said rudely.
“Your door just crept open so I squeezed in. I’m here to see your
The King explained that he would only let him see the princess if he could
make the castle light again. The King was unkind and said “But you
probably can’t do that can you?”
“Well I will try my very best sir ” said Ferdinand feeling sad.
“Well even if you tried nothing could work, all sorts of clever people have
tried to solve the curse. You are just a boy from a different land!” the King
laughed. Ferdinand looked at him suspiciously, but it seemed to work.
“Fine, go ahead”
Ferdinand thanked the king and searched for the princess. In a few
moments, he finally saw the sight of some wavy hair. Ferdinand crouched
down and said “your majesty is that you?”. As soon as Delphine looked
into his eyes there was light. The light flashed through the castle and all
was bright again! Cheers could be heard across the land. Delphine smiled
at Ferdinand.
Delphine and Ferdinand spent many happy times together and they all
lived happily ever after.

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