Bird hide location to be reviewed

Martyn Evans, Dartington Hall Trust Estate Development Director, says:

‘As a result of a fruitful partnership with the University of Plymouth’s Department of Architecture to construct a ‘Tiny Home’ (currently acting as the office for the Dartington campsite) in 2016-17, our second project has been the design and construction of a beautiful new bird hide for the estate by undergraduate students. The project’s aim was to increase the practical and problem-solving skills of students through learning by doing; as well as to offer our visitors greater opportunities to learn about and enjoy our conservation programme.

‘We researched and consulted with local people (including birdwatchers) to identify the best functional location, submitting a planning application to South Hams District Council in December 2017. This process has given us an opportunity to reflect on the bird hide’s location, consider the views of our initial consultation alongside formal comments received by SHDC as part of that application. Based on these views, and those of Historic England in particular, we are exploring with SHDC scope to move the bird hide to a different location on the marsh.

‘We will update you as these discussions progress.’