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Jo Mason-LaurenceJo started her arty adventure at Dartington three years ago in creating The Studio, where visitors met and watched South West-based artists as they created work on-site.

Many artists have since enjoyed the exposure that The Studio offered and have continued to become part of Jo’s own space here on the estate – The Mason-Laurence Gallery.

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Now that the gallery has had time to introduce itself, snuggling nicely into its lofty nook aside the shops and cafes on the Dartington estate, it has earned its identity.

Among the comments I’ve heard now: ‘a little gem’, ‘never boring’, ‘a host of treasures’, ‘fantastic!’, ‘a unique feast for the eyes!’

Each artist selected for representation has something to say in their work; their chosen medium is the vehicle for this communication, their subject deeply personal and that’s what art is, personal!

Woodland Walk David Cowell

Woodland Walk by David Cowell – inspired by Dartington’s gardens

Once it is on the wall of a gallery though, a piece of art becomes about you, what you perceive. It feels important to challenge, confront even, with the pieces shown. It’s about saying, ‘Hey, what do you make of this?’ Passers by doing a double take, looking closer and a ‘Whoa, I can’t believe I actually like that! It’s doing something to me!’

Look up close, really experience the work, touch it, feel what it does to you. It’s a visceral thing.

You will never regret the purchase of a painting or sculpture that moves you every time you look at it, that gives you something new on each visit, that changes with the light.

A piece of art is almost a family member. Really I don’t feel I should sell a piece of work unless you absolutely love it! The artist feels the same way; you are after all playing a part in their story. They want you to rave about your ownership of their creation – shout it from the roof tops! That’s how it should make you feel!


A Pinch of Bottom!" Mark Bell

A Pinch of Bottom! by Mark Bell


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