Category: LUR II

1. Soil

Our responsibility as a land owner is to ensure that our soils are not only maintained, but built up and soil health enhanced so that they may continue to support life for generations to come. This philosophy will underpin every use that we put our land to.

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River Dart in Autumn. (c) Kim Aldis

2. Water

We commit to building a resilient estate water infrastructure which provides excellent quality drinking water; which is energy efficient to operate; provides wildlife habitat; mitigates future flood and drought risks resulting from climate change, both on the estate and downstream of the estate; protects water from pollution; and recognises the role water plays in the

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6. Access

We commit to finding ways to provide fair access for everyone to the wild places and green spaces whilst maintaining the estate as a working environment and protecting wildlife.

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7. Food

We will promote food sovereignty of the estate and region, support the sustainability of local farm enterprises through our own procurement and look to provide a healthy diet for all.

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Apples growing at Community Orchard, Week

8. Farm and food businesses

We aim to create an enabling environment which attracts creative and innovative people with experience, skills and resource to establish a variety of farm and food enterprises which test and generate new ideas and replicable solutions for real world challenges in line with an overarching agroecological approach.

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9. Learning

We commit to creating a place where living and learning can flourish together, and engage with other farmers through visits, participation in farming networks and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.

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Community Day 2017 - Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo perform 'Musetta

10. Arts

We commit to look to the arts to spark new ideas and possibilities – imagination, beauty, technical skill, emotional power, practical considerations of use are essential.

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