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38 thoughts on “Chamber Music Forum – Week 4

  1. Dear All,
    My husband (Jeremy Cook – A/D violin) and I (Rosemary Cook – A/D viola) would very much like to play the Bridge piano quintet in session 3 or 4. We have the music and have been exploring it on a chamber music course this week, but would like the opportunity to become more familiar with it. It is a gorgeous and neglected work, but the first violin would need to be of a diploma standard. I believe that the piano part is not too challenging as it was the pianist who suggested it for the current course.
    Best wishes
    Rosemary Cook

    1. Dear Rosemary,

      My wife Helen (A ‘cello) would love to play the Bridge with you. So would I, on violin, subject to standard. I got Grade 8 50 years ago and have played continually (violin and viola) ever since, and have excellent sight-reading. But I would not class my technique as ‘Diploma’ standard, so shan’t be offended if you find someone better. If I am involved it would need to be in session 4, not 3.

      Clifford Rowe

  2. I’m an ‘advanced’ cellist and my wife is an ‘advanced’ viola player. We’re looking for
    EITHER a couple of violinists to play string quartets
    OR a pre-formed quartet who’d like to play some sextets and/or quintets
    in either session 2 or session 4 some days.
    We have quite a lot of quartet, quintet and sextet parts.

    1. Dear Mike and Sarah
      My husband (Jeremy – A/D violin) and I (A.D viola) would be happy to play sextets or two viola quintets with you if we could find another violin or a violin and cello.
      Best wishes
      Rosemary Cook

      1. Dear Rosemary
        That sounds good, if we can find another violinist. Let’s see if we have any other responses, or we can make enquiries when we get there.

        1. Dear Mike, Sarah and Rosemary,

          My wife (Helen – A ‘cello) and I (Clifford – A violin) would love to play sextets with you on some days. We’d prefer session 2 if possible.


          1. Dear Helen, Clifford, Rosemary and Jeremy,
            Excellent. Shall we agree to play sextets in session 2 on Sunday, and take it from there?
            We have music for both Brahms sextets, Souvenir de Florence and Cappriccio.
            Mike & Sarah

  3. Looking forward to working on Brahms’ Piano Quartet Op 25 in the formal session (1) with David Fletcher (piano), my wife Rosemary (viola), and Jenny Wigram (cello). We now have a set of parts to bring (Henle edition) and Rosemary and I have been in touch with Jenny by email. If you’d also like to be in touch beforehand, David, do please either reply here or use my email j.cook at
    Rosemary (viola A) and I (violin/viola A) also plan to play in sessions 2-4 and would welcome suggestions for groups and repertoire in those sessions if there are woodwind players, pianists, violinists and cellists (A/D preferred) who are looking for experienced middle-part-players — subject, of course, to the ‘chemistry’ being right when we get together at the start of the course.

    1. Note to all: although we are encouraged above to share our email addresses in the comment box, my comment above was rejected as spam until I removed the “at” sign from my own address and substituted the word “at” ! –J-.

      1. Dear Jeremy,
        As you can see from my post below, I’m a diploma level pianist looking for a violinist to play Beethoven’s Ghost trio during session 2. I want to work on it properly with some coaching, not just play through. Would you be interested?

        1. Yes, interested, Anthony, although I’ve not played this work — or indeed much else for piano trio because my wife is a viola-player, which tends to put a damper on such things! I’m fond of the ‘Archduke’ trio, though — indeed, of Beethoven in general, although the late period works are hard to bring off.
          But I’d like to meet and play together before committing to a week of study — please see the last line of my Jul 21st post. Fourteen years of DISS shows that trying to form groups on the basis of our self-judged ability ratings alone isn’t especially reliable. (But cellist Ian Milner may well be under-rating himself as “I” on the DISS scale — unless I have the wrong man he regularly leads the cellos in the Fylde Sinfonia — is that right, Ian? Anyone who can do that is an “A” in my book!)
          So let’s meet early on, play and see how we get on. I’ll try to take a look at the part meanwhile. —Jeremy—.

          1. Hello Jeremy / Anthony,
            I would certainly not rate myself as any better than ‘I’, although I do indeed usually lead the ‘cellos in the Fylde Sinfonia. ‘Cellists on the Fylde coast are a bit thin on the ground – a very wide gulf separates us from the Berlin Phil.
            Shall we just arrange to meet in Session 2 on the first day without committing to anything further.

          2. Anthony, which edition do you use? It might be helpful if I had the same one. The scans on IMSLP (Breitkopf) are smothered in unhelpful fingerings! -J-.

          3. This is the answer to Anthony earlier today. Site would not let me enter at appropriate place!
            I have Augener, but have printed off Henle ‘cello part via IMSLP.

  4. Chamber Music Formal (Session 1)

    I would like to be part of a brass quintet (with varied instruments) or a trombone group, e.g., a quartet.

    I play bass trombone as part of a North London orchestra. I am post grade 8 and currently studying for a diploma.

    My preference is to play classical music, but I am open to other suggestions.

  5. I’m an experienced pianist with an LRSM diploma and I would like to form a piano trio with some enthusiastic, confident and committed string players for either Session 2 or Session 4 during Week 4 this summer. I would like to work on Beethoven Ghost and Dvorak Dumky. Please reply if you are interested.

    1. Hello Anthony,
      Just to say, as an initial contact, that I am an intermediate ‘cellist (see other entries) and presently free in session 2. I am keen to re-visit Beethoven’s ‘Ghost’, but Dvorak ‘Dumky’ is a bit out of my technical comfort zone. I hope you manage to find a ‘cellist who can join you for the latter.

      1. Hi Ian, Yes please if you want to do Beethoven Ghost Trio Session 2. Are you happy to work on it all week? We now need a violin player. Are there any violinists out there..?

        1. Hello again Anthony,
          Yes, I am very happy with that suggestion (Opus 70 No1), if a violinist can be found.

  6. I am a strong intermediate violist coming on my own in week 4. Before Dartington I will be studying Glass Third String Quartet at an American music camp (I’m Canadian). My music preferences are baroque/classical (I bring a baroque bow) and more contemporary although I do play everything. If there is a formed quartet which would like a second viola for some viola quintets, I play those a lot. I’d love to have another chance at Mendelssohn Octet (viola 2). I’ve been working on Faure Piano Quartet in C minor with my home piano quartet and if there is a formed piano trio which would like to play a quartet one afternoon or evening, I’d like that. I’m up for pick-up groups every afternoon (and evening) in addition to the one regular group I assume I’ll be assigned to in the morning.
    Because I’m coming from Canada I won’t have much music with me – but I assume there is lots of music available there.

    1. Hello Carol,
      I am a lone English ‘cellist (wife sings!), intermediate, second time at Dartington, recently returned from regular visit to Vancouver, presently waiting to see what is organised for session 1, and then hoping to get something organised for sessions 2 & 3. Prefer string-only ensemble, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven Schubert etc, but very adaptable.
      Keep in touch!

      1. Thanks for your note, Ian. I’m now in the wilds of New Hampshire, USA at a wonderful music camp called Apple Hill. Let’s look for each other at Dartington. If we can find a violin, I play string trios often at home. I do play a lot of Haydn quartets, most of the Mozart quartets, quintets & trios & the early Beethoven quartets. I expect we’ll be able to get something organized. Looking forward.


  7. This quartet needs a cellist.

    Chamber Music SESSION 4 – the following players (Intermediate/Advanced) would welcome a cello player to come forward to complete our quartet..
    Violin – Ralph Williamson
    Violin – Shirley Cave
    Viola – Sue Pritchard
    Cello – ???
    Pieces we intend to play :
    Mozart celebrated quartets No. 1(K387) & No.3(K458)
    Beethoven Op. 18 No. 4
    Haydn Op 42

    1. Hi, I am interested in joining you as ‘cellist. I consider myself intermediate and attended the summer school last year, week 4.
      This repertoire sounds perfect.
      I fully understand that Rosalind has the first call here and will fully understand if you manage to arrange to play with her. Please keep me posted.
      I prefer to keep session 1 free to see what the summer school organisers come up with.

      1. Hello Ian, Thanks for replying. I’ll just check first with the others that they haven’t already filled our cellist vacancy. I’ll get back to you asap.
        Many thanks

        1. Hello Ian, We are really happy that you want to join us, we accept your offer and we very much look forward to meeting you .
          Best wishes

          1. Hello Shirley, that’s great and I look forward to meeting you all. Unless I hear to the contrary I shall assume that session 4 is now definitely agreed.
            I have parts for Op 18, but not for the Haydn or Mozart. Do you have ‘cello parts for these? If not I can acquire / borrow, (or the library at Dartington may have).

            Best wishes,


          2. Hello Ian,
            Getting close to our week at Dartington! How do you suggest we catch up with you once there? Do you have a mobile number? Mine is 07795382569.

          3. Hello Ian
            I know you managed to send your mobile but I can no longer find it. Could you please either send again or perhaps just agree to phone me when there?

  8. This quartet has decided to move to Session 4.
    We still need a cellist – unless Rosalind can make this switch (we hope she can and if so, please let me know Rosalind!)

    All other details about this quartet remain unchanged.


  9. Session 3 would be perfectly convenient for me but not session 4, when the Big Choir will take place. I’m pleased to have made contact with you look forward to us playing together.

    Best wishes

  10. Formal Chamber Music session 1 – the following players (Intermediate/Advanced) would welcome a cello player to come forward to complete our quartet..
    Violin – Ralph Williamson
    Violin – Shirley Cave
    Viola – Sue Pritchard
    Cello – ???
    Pieces we intend to play :
    Mozart celebrated quartets No. 1(K387) & No.3(K458)
    Beethoven Op. 18 No. 4
    Haydn Op 42

    1. That’s a beautiful programme and I’d be interested in joining. I trained at the RNCM, had a freelance career until retirement and now play in a regular piano quartet/quintet ensemble in London and less regular quartet ensemble. I’m singing in the Big Choir and wouldn’t want to overload myself but a daily daytime rehearsal would be Welcomed.

      1. Hi Rosalind, Thanks for getting in touch. That would be great. It seems, however, that we may have to switch to another session – either 3 or 4 but probably not session 1. Would either of those sessions suit you?

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