Dartington statement on Sawmills hedgerows

We have received some queries about the removal of some hedgerow at Sawmills Field on the left hand side of the road as you enter the village on the A385.

Devon County Council, as the Local Highway Authority, required that the work be carried out by Cavanna Homes as part of the original planning consent granted by South Hams District Council for the Sawmills development, which is being built on land formerly owned by the Trust.

The works, which are covered by a Section 278 highways agreement, are necessary to provide visibility splays* for the new roundabout and the farm gate entrance to the neighbouring field, and to locate new lamp posts and road signs.

Cavanna did query the extent of the hedgerow removal but were told by the Local Highway Authority that it was necessary due to the set-back nature of the farm gate entrance.

A consultant ecologist attended the site on the day of removal to check for wildlife, including nesting birds, and gave the all-clear for the work to proceed.

Cavanna are required to remove a further 20m of hedgerow to satisfy Highways’ requirements. These works will be carried out shortly and they are all in accordance with the Section 278 agreement.

Some 400 metres of new hedgerow will be created within the Sawmills development, and a soft landscaping and planting regime has been agreed with the Local Planning Authority.

*Visibility Splays are an essential feature of an access or junction, allowing traffic on the minor road to see cyclists, vehicles and pedestrians on the main road.

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