Discover the Language of Your Brain – The Feldenkrais method


Venue Space: Studio 6

Running time 180 minutes


Please book tickets via | 07989 394904

About this event

Learn how to communicate with your brain in the most effective and beneficial way possible. Understand the neuroplastic qualities of the brain, with one of the world’s finest best-known international Feldenkrais trainers, David Zemach-Bersin, USA.

A unique opportunity to meet one of the finest international Feldenkrais trainers in the world, David Zemach-Bersin has generously agreed to offer this evening workshop and talk, which is open to everyone, during a visit to the UK. David was one of Dr Feldenkrais’ earliest students. He was fortunate to study with him in person for over a decade, and has been involved with the development of the Feldenkrais Method since 1973. David is an enthusiastic dedicated teacher, and directs the New York City Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Program. Though many have experienced David’s eloquence and expertise through his YouTube videos, this is a special opportunity to experience his teaching first hand.

See his website for videos and audio lessons.

“A difference is a difference that makes a difference” Gregory Bateson

The first known nervous systems developed over 600 million years ago in the early ancestors of jellyfish. However, the function and value of that original nervous tissue was exactly the same as that of our nervous system today: to enhance our ability to learn, adapt and survive. Our nervous system is complex, flexible, and distinguishes us as human beings. It is soft-wired, and designed to change and develop throughout our lifetime via a continual process by which we use our senses – primarily our kinaesthetic sense – to detect small but important differences.

These differences are the mechanism by which we make the distinctions that matter. The renowned physicist and expert on human learning, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, developed radical insights about how the natural learning process of the nervous system can be accessed to benefit human function and emotional intelligence. He developed a highly practical method that uses movement to communicate with our brain to help us gain greater health, well-being and self-determination. In this workshop, you will learn key elements of the alphabet, or vocabulary, with which you can communicate with your own brain and nervous system.

Participants will experience the kind of immediate changes and improvements that are possible when the brain is supported with the optimal conditions in which to sense and make essential distinctions. This workshop is for everyone who is curious about themselves and the plasticity of their nervous system, and for everyone who would like to feel better.

No previous experience of Feldenkrais required, but attendees should be able to work easily and comfortably laying on the floor and get up and down easily. If this is not the case for you but you still want to come please contact us. Everyone will need to wear loose, warm, layered clothing and bring a mat and a blanket/large towel with you.

Booking essential as spaces are limited.

Cost £50 – or £35 if booked and paid by 8 August.

This event is booked externally. For all enquiries and booking contact Nikhila Ludlow via this link.

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