Earth-Song is a special type of theatrical performance where the main actor is Ukrainian Song


7.30pm, Monday 29 August 2022


Great Hall, Dartington Trust, South Devon



About this event

“My land is a Song. Always and today, it is full of the will to live! Because life always wins over death. We will win together with you!” – Nataliia Polovynka

Earth-Song is a special type of theatrical performance where the main actor is Ukrainian Song. For Word and Voice Theatre Centre traditional and ancient songs are receptacles of the deepest knowledge and an expression of the highest poetry. They are the holders of tradition, the keepers of how humans and the land have lived together for centuries. Within song, the mystery of Being is preserved, our ancestors stand behind us, supporting us through the journey between Birth and Death. With this performance we ask ourselves and the audience: Whose voices sing through us?

We are very pleased to welcome the acclaimed actress of stage and screen Nataliia Polovynka and her Word and Voice Theatre Centre to Dartington.

Nataliia has been preserving Ukraine’s cultural heritage in the form of songs, rituals, and other performative material for decades. In 2010 she founded the Word and Voice Theatre Centre in order to place these traditional songs and cultural material in conversation with contemporary aesthetics and devise new theatrical forms. This work not only preserves the culture heritage but ensures it continues to live.

Since the end of February 2022, Word and Voice has also been operating as a shelter for displaced Ukrainians and victims of war, collecting funds to purchase and supply war reporters, hospitals and the army with the necessary equipment, and organizing regular cultural and relief events for the many new residents of Lviv. As the war continues to drain the country’s resources, the work of Word and Voice becomes increasingly harder and the theatre’s future is precarious.

All proceeds will go to Word and Voice, and the Devon Ukrainian Association, an Exeter-based group that has been supporting new Ukrainian arrivals in the Southwest since March.

To find out more, please visit:

Irmos for Ukraine Crowfunding Page

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