Exhibition: Driven

Venue The Green Table

Running time 740

Artist(s) Arlo Hopkins, Iona Stuart, Jordan Reynolds, Kit Hughes-Johnson, Klara Ferm, Tansy Joccoaa and Safia Mirzai.

When: 6 July-25 August, 8.30am-6pm (ie during The Green Table's opening hours)



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About this event

Inaugural art exhibition in the Green Table Cafe, celebrating young, self-motivated creatives from the local area.

Jordan Reynolds, a young associate artist at Arts Lab, has curated this inaugural exhibition of young local artists’ work. This is the result of a collaboration between Dartington Arts and Arts Lab to showcase the work of emerging young artists in the region.

Artists include Arlo Hopkins, Iona Stuart, Jordan Reynolds, Kit Hughes-Johnson, Klara Ferm, Tansy Joccoaa and Safia Mirzai.

The Green Table is a vibrant, welcoming, light-filled space evoking Dartington’s craft legacy for everyone to enjoy. There’s lots of seating, a big kitchen, and a large deli style counter offering a full range of hot and cold meals. Find out more here ⇒

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