Exhibition: Experiment and Risk


Venue The Green Table

When: 25 February – 23 April, 8.30am - 6pm daily


Free entry

About this event

What does it means to be a young person experimenting and taking risks with creativity in our community? 

Experiment and Risk is an exhibition opportunity curated by three BTEC art students from Kennicott sixth form in Totnes. They say:

‘Dartington is a place of innovation and radical thought and, as students of the local college, we wanted to take this curatorial opportunity to provoke a conversation between the art, the artists and the audience about what it means to be a young person experimenting and taking risks with creativity in our community.

‘The theme ‘Experiment and Risk’ stems from the long history of Dartington and its ever-growing story. We were initially inspired by the risk Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst took when buying the property in 1925, which then developed into a series of experiments pushing the boundaries of visual art and sustainability. Our goal for the exhibition is to foster this ethos and ambition to thrive throughout the Dartington and Totnes community; to create a more supportive environment for young people and future generations.’

More information and context behind the exhibition can be found here

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About us

Dartington is an old place with a new story.

The Dartington Experiment began in 1925 and was based on the idea that humans are many-sided – and how we need environments that encourage our whole being to flourish, in connection with nature and each other.

This idea is as true today is it ever was.