Exhibition: Memory & Observation


Venue Dartington Space Gallery

When: May 3-June 13, 9am-5pm


Free entry

About this event

An art.earth exhibition of work by Clare Heaton, Katy Oxborrow and Laura Denning: a series of moments, pauses, memories and observations drawn in very different ways and in different media.

Clare creates felted vessels and wrappings about which she says: ‘The vessels are matted together with the moment, sentiment, memory, conversations, meetings and reveries. The felted wrappings envelope flowers and nature, catching a memory and a moment in time…. There is a magic in the making, an alchemy, an unpredictability. With the wrappings I endeavour to catch the soul of living matter, its quiddity, impression, gesture. They become a collection of spirits, totems and small things that are other-worldly, strange, magical and enchanted.’

Katy works with various drawing media and with collage. Several of the works in this exhibition are directly drawn from trees at Dartington. ‘[Tree] bark’ she tells us ‘is like a curtain, concealing the unknown.’ This work prefigures the next exhibition in the gallery and across the estate which focuses entirely on trees and woodland and how we live with them.
Katy tells us that ‘the process of producing the works…evolves organically and is all consuming and immersive. I use the medium of painting in all its variety, combined with collage, found text, layering and mark making, to create a personal response to the natural world around me.’

Laura’s work is less figurative and more conceptual, but still rooted in the natural world. ‘Rhyne & Huish’ she tells us ‘is a long term project which seeks to uncover secrets within the Somerset landscape that can help us to be better prepared for living in a wetter world. This transdisciplinary project uses sound, moving image, photography, drawing, collaboration, experimental geography and performative ethnography as research tools.’

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About us

Dartington is an old place with a new story.

The Dartington Experiment began in 1925 and was based on the idea that humans are many-sided – and how we need environments that encourage our whole being to flourish, in connection with nature and each other.

This idea is as true today is it ever was.