Fretwork: Bach’s Art of Fugue


Venue Great Hall

Running time 60 minutes

Artist Fretwork


£15 - £20 (50% off students & under 18s)

Next date 29th July 7:45 pm

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About this event

The brilliant players of viol consort Fretwork perform Bach’s late, great masterwork in its entirety.

They unwrap its complexity with short introductions to each contrapunctus, and illuminate with projections of Bach’s beautiful manuscript.

Although J.S. Bach’s Art of Fugue was written well after the sun had set on the age of the viol consort, we find that our ensemble thrives in this music, as a kind of single polyphonic organism. By assigning each line of counterpoint to a different instrument, the work’s brilliant structure becomes illuminated from within, without losing any of its cohesiveness. It is to date our highest-selling recording, and our favourite Bach programme.’ Richard Boothby


J S Bach – Art of Fugue BWV 1080


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This concert is part of the Dartington International Summer School & Festival, a month-long musical celebration, encompassing shared music making, learning and listening.

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Food and drink

Head up to the Dartington estate early to enjoy our pre-concert food offerings. The Green Table café will be staying open late during the festival, plating up fresh and seasonal local food and drinks. Next to the Great Hall, The White Hart restaurant and bar will be serving a selection of food, along with a broad range of quality drinks and between concert nibbles.

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Monday 29th July

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