Green Table Summer Suppers


Venue The Green Table

When: Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday during August, until 8pm



About this event

Dartington’s lively day-time café, The Green Table, is opening in the evenings this summer!

Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 8pm, fresh local produce is being transformed into an array of stunning Summer salads and flame-grilled mains with a modern Mediterranean twist.

So, whether you’re heading to an evening concert in the Great Hall, or you’ve worked up an appetite after a dip in the Dart, join us on the terrace for a glass of something cold – and a meal bursting with flavour…

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Sample menu


Grilled Red Peppers, Wilted Greens & Labneh Toasted Pita (V) 5.25

Aubergine Melitzanasalata, Walled Garden Tomatoes, Toasted Pita (VN) 5.25

Marinated Olives (VN) 3.00

Pickled Walled Garden French Beans, Goat Cheese, Toast (V) 5.25

Wild Vension Chorizo and Salami Plate, Curworthy Cheese, Grilled Peppers, Toast (to share) 14.50


We will be taking advantage of the glorious August weather (fingers crossed!) to grill all the main courses. Every night we will have a choice off three proteins and three different ways they can be prepared.

Choose from:

Staverton Butcher’s Chicken Skewers 14.50
Jolly Farm Organic Lamb 15.75
Dragonfly Tofu 12.75

Choose how you would like it prepared and served:

Grilled with Sumac & Chili, served with Hummus, Labneh & Za’atar, Tomatoes, Walled Garden Salad Leaves (GF)

Tunisian style Marinade, with Cous Cous Salad Spiced Carrots, Labneh

Pinchitos Marinade (Moorish Spices), with parsley & garlic (chimichurri) potato salad, tomatoes, Green Salad


Choose from our array of baked goods and tiny treats, or try the following:

House Fool, with seasonal fruit and organic cream 5.50

Chocolate Truffle Torte 6.25

Grilled Plums with Ginger Crumbs and Almond Cream 6.25

Useful information

The kitchen will be serving from the lunch menu until 5pm. Between 5pm and 5.30pm, there will be a limited menu of starters and salads. Dinner will be available from 6-8pm.

We do not take bookings, but we do advise that if you are headed to a 7.45pm concert, please arrive at the Green Table at 6pm to ensure you are served in good time. 

If you are at an early (5pm) concert and would like to come for dinner after, we can assure you that we will have room for you but there may be a slight wait for a table. You are more than welcome to have a drink and a snack while you wait.

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