Grounds and Chaconnes: Joanna MacGregor

Venue Great Hall

Running time 50

Artists: Joanna MacGregor piano


Tickets £10 | Students and U16 £5

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Next date 29th July 10:00 pm

About this event

The ground bass is transfigured: from Henry Purcell’s street savvy and Orlando Gibbons’ wit, to Phillip Glass’s exhilarating music from Einstein on the Beach.

Composers have been writing variations over ground basses since the Renaissance, and Joanna MacGregor captures this creative tradition in a programme full of colour and intensity – from the Elizabethan Fitzwilliam Virginal Book to jazz pianist Fazil Say’s Black Earth, recreating Turkish folk music.

Gibbons Whoop, Do Me No Harm, Good Man; The Woods So Wild
Byrd Hughe Ashton’s Ground
Philip Glass Prophecies; Knee Play no.4
Purcell Ground in C minor
Arvo Pärt Für Alina
Fazil Say Black Earth
Pachelbel Chaconne in F minor
Handel Passacaglia in G minor

Made For Dartington

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Imogen Cooper playing Ravel, de Falla and Albeniz on 15 August

Joanna MacGregor, the Artistic Artistic Director of Dartington International Summer School & Festival, is one of the world’s most innovative musicians, appearing as a concert pianist, curator, and collaborator. Head of Piano at the Royal Academy of Music and Professor of the University of London, she has performed in more than eighty countries.

MacGregor’s verve, energy and astounding technique are always at the service of the music and never vice versa. Her ability to inhabit so many sound worlds with the same intensity and commitment is profoundly impressive – BBC Classical Review
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