Group Exhibition: Bob Budd, Walter Lewis, Ruth Packham

Venue Space: Garden Room Gallery

Running time Weekdays 9am to 5.30pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm through June

Artist(s) Bob Budd, Walter Lewis, Ruth Packham. Event curated by



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About this event

These three artists, who have very different approaches and methods to their creative ideas and processes, are observers of rural life. Animals, plants and people are focal points for study, reflection and inspiration.

About the artists

Bob Budd: “As someone who grew up on a London council housing estate, then moved to the countryside, the encountering of farm animals left me with a strong, but also, contradictory impression. I was fascinated by the presence of animals in everyday life, appearing wholesome in a rural setting –– and yet unnatural –– the animals made to play our tune, not theirs, unable to follow their own desires.”

Walter Lewis: In his photographic project Feeding Body and Soul Walter Lewis tells the story of a group of people in England and Wales who have rejected globalised, factory-scale food production, and instead chosen to produce food in ways which are actively regenerative of land, environment and community.

Ruth Packham: “I have been working with wool fibre for over 10 years in what feels like a love affair with the material. The work I am exhibiting here is me allowing myself to be more conceptual, to hone my felt making skills and to work through ideas of form and structure. Feltmaking lends itself to the making of natural forms and some of the pieces are directly inspired by my observations of plant life.”

Photo credit: Flash and Mick (detail), copyright Walter Lewis.

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The Dartington Experiment began over 90 years ago when our founders, Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst, set out to build a community inspired by the idea of a ‘many-sided life’.

Today, we believe that their vision is more relevant today than ever before. We aim to be a place where people can realise their individual and collective potential, and are given a chance to connect with themselves, each other, and the environment.

Across the estate, a programme of events and visitor attractions operate year-round; artists, makers, farmers, educators, craftspeople and entrepreneurs live and work; and the community continues to ‘learn by doing’, finding inspiration in the Elmhirst’s progressive ideas and experimental approach.

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