Iron-Brow and Thorn-Coat by Hedgespoken


Venue Space: Studio 1


Tickets £8 | Concessions £6
Suitable for all story-seekers and particularly aimed at inter-generational audiences from 5 - 105

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Next date 12th April 7:00 pm

“When the sea-foam is red at the end of the Earth, only then will you see me again – until then you will wander the earth and all that you touch will turn to iron…”

A curious hedgehog with high hopes and his iron-browed bride journey to the ends of the Earth. Will they find true love and happiness, or witches and dragon-flames? Beyond a limitless ocean, a woman covered in moss begs for forgiveness, while under a crone’s stone doorstep, two toads endure winter for love’s sake.
Hedgespoken presents preview performances of IRON-BROW AND THORN-COAT, our retelling of a classic Lithuanian folk-tale. Steeped in old magic and half-familiar memories, this beguiling tale of magical transformation, love, betrayal and endurance brings together storytelling by Tom Hirons, puppetry and masked performance by Helen Aldrich, music by Louis Bingham and Griselda Sanderson and artistic direction from Rima Staines and Sarah Vigars.

Suitable for all story-seekers and particularly aimed at intergenerational audiences from 5 – 105

About Hedgespoken

Storyteller, mask-maker and writer Tom Hirons and internationally-respected artist, puppeteer and musician Rima Staines tell tales and spark imaginations from the Hedgespoken truck wherever they can, from busy festivals and family camps to quiet laybys and secluded forests.
Hedgespoken specialise in retelling East European and British folktales and also stories from the wide world of the Traveller and Gypsy communities.

Audience feedback

“Utterly enchanting – I loved every minute.”
“My grandson will remember the magic of this night for the rest of his life.”
“Magic of a real, old, golden kind.”
“Oh! What suspense, what laughs, what horrors! Hedgespoken wove a tale of adventure and wonder tonight and we’re full of it, can’t stop talking about it.”

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