Musica Universalis: The Brook Street Band

Venue Great Hall

Running time 90

Artists: The Brook Street Band, Rachel Harris violin, Farran Scott violin, Tatty Theo cello, Carolyn Gibley harpsichord


Central Rake (Downstairs) £20 | Students and U16 £10

Bench Seat (Balcony or Downstairs) £15 | Students and U16 £7.50

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Next date 1st August 7:45 pm

About this event

The Brook Street Band evokes the spirit of the 1719 Dresden ‘Festival of the Planets,’ designed to celebrate political and cultural power through art and music.

Attended by Handel and Telemann, astronomy played an important role in the festival; tonight’s concert celebrates with music referencing Gods and planets, and the philosophical concept of Musica Universalis – music of the spheres. It includes Bach and his pupil Johann Kirnberger, who made detailed studies of harmony and proportion within music inspired by the movements of the sun, moon and planets.

‘From harmony, from heavenly harmony, this universal frame began:’ – A Song for St. Cecelia’s Day (1687), John Dryden

Bach Trio Sonata BWV 1038 in G Major
Bach Trio Sonata from The Musical Offering BWV 1079
Telemann Paris Quartet no.1 in D Major TWV 43:D3
Couperin L’Apothéose de Lully
Handel Trio Sonata Op.5 no.4 in G Major
Kirnberger Trio Sonata in G minor

Made for Dartington

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