Open House 03: Evolving the Forest


Venue Various locations

When: Saturday 22 June, 11am - 4pm (see below for full timings)


Varies. See programme below for details.

About this event

Open House 03: Evolving the Forest is your chance to discover the ideas, innovations and projects that will ensure a healthy woodland resource for future generations on the Dartington Hall estate.

It is part of our series of Open House events, which aim to share our latest plans and generate dialogue. You can find out more about previous events here.

Open House 03 is a partner event to a three-day symposium drawing together a wide variety of voices to explore our wondrous heritage of woodland and forest, marking 100 years of modern forestry in the UK. You can find out more about that here.


11-11.30am or 2.2-30pm

Talk: Future Forests

Free entry but booking required

Jez Ralph explains the main points behind the Estate’s 100 year manifesto for forestry, and how the estate woodland will evolve and become central to an integrated land-use policy.


11.30am-1pm or 2.30-4pm

Tractor and Trailer Tour and Walk

All tickets £5

A chance to see the rich history of innovation in Dartington’s woodlands – and the new wave of innovative ideas.


11.30am-1pm or 2-30pm-4pm

Forestry Walking Tour

All tickets £5

At the heart of Dartington’s land-use policy is the integration of all forms of land-use into a holistic, healthy landscape. This walk looks at the agroforestry systems that have been planted in the last five years.


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About us

Dartington is an old place with a new story.

The Dartington Experiment began in 1925 and was based on the idea that humans are many-sided – and how we need environments that encourage our whole being to flourish, in connection with nature and each other.

This idea is as true today is it ever was.