Venue Barn Cinema

Running time 115 minutes

- Documentary

Director Julie Cohen, Betsy West

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Next date 23rd January 5:00 pm

About this event

Even before the controversial (but ultimately successful) nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had garnered attention in the age of Trump’s presidency.

She has become a pop culture and feminist icon, as well as holding widespread recognition for the scale of her professional legacy. Even now, the Democrats are desperately hoping the diminutive (but clearly very tough) 84-year old will stave off retirement to stay on an increasingly conservative bench. Betsy West and Julie Cohen’s tremendously inspiring film documents the birth of an unlikely rock star – exploring her personal background, media appearances, and legions of admirers, even her work-outs –showing how her legal battles have changed the lives of American women for generations to come.

2019 | USA |  Documentary

“The last line of defense against the forces of darkness.”
Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

Triple F-rated

triple f rated logoThe F-Rating is awarded to films directed by a woman and/or written by a woman. Films that also feature significant women on screen in their own right are Triple F-Rated.

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