The Art of Movement


Venue Space: Studio 6


Bookings to Leela Fisk: 01803 866805
£295 early payment by 1st March 2020 or £350 thereafter.

About this event

This workshop explores cultivating our personal Somatic presence and how it informs our movement to inspire and support creativity as both a personal and universal human act of empowerment and possibility. The objective being to support our unfolding and ripening as artists, educators and human beings.

G Hoffman Soto has been studying, practicing, teaching and performing in the Movement Arts for over 50 years. He has
taught internationally since 1979 in 21 countries throughout Europe, Lebanon, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong,
South Korea and China. Soto had a 45 year Artistic and Educational Relationship to Anna Halprin, San Francisco Dancers Workshop, Tamalpa Institute, USA. Additionally he taught Somatics and Experiential Anatomy for 25 years at New College of California in San Francisco. We are delighted to present and participate in his work in Dartington.

Soto’s introduction to the workshop:


What is Somatics? Soma is ancient Greek word meaning body. Somatics is a practice in, with and through the body. Somatics looks at the individual as a functioning unit with all aspects of the individual; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impacting and influencing the others. The door into the somatic experience is through movement.

As this practice unfolds it affords us the possibility to begin to contact deeper layers of musculature, organs, and soft tissue, aspects of ourselves that reside below the conscious level, become available and a resource in our work. These resources then influence and expand our expressive and creative possibilities. As we deepen and lengthen our time in the practice of being present in the body in movement, in the moment,  it becomes who we are, we become embodied. The richness of this practice is that it is an ongoing lifetime study.

Dance and Movement

We live in and through movement. The Body/Mind exists, expresses, and creates through movement. It has been said by many people many times that when there is no movement there is no life. Movement exists on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Using movement as a study of the self serves as a tool in our waking up, personal cultivation, and in our unfoldment. Dance is the use of time, dynamics and space to express and create with an energy flow that is moving inside and around us. This dance manifests as the life-force, our spirit, that wants to be revealed and brought into the light. Dance is a movement of sensation, perception, ideas, emotions, physical shapes, change, presence, and awareness. It is a reflection of where and who we are both internally and externally. Movement and Dance is a vocabulary that we can spend a number of lifetimes learning and still not embrace the immensity of it.  The practice potentially makes us more and more refined in our movement and our life journey.

Bookings to Leela Fisk: 01803866805
£295 early payment by 1st March 2020 or £350 thereafter.
More about Soto:

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