The Caliph and the Poet: Tamim al-Barghouti, Stevie Wishart and Joanna MacGregor

Venue Great Hall

Running time 50

Artists: Tamim al-Barghouti spoken poetry, Stevie Wishart hurdy-gurdy and violin, Joanna MacGregor piano


Tickets £10 | Students and U16 £5

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Next date 2nd August 10:00 pm

About this event

The famed Palestinian poet and activist performs from his new collection In Jerusalem and Other Poems, with live music. A spoken-word rock star, Tamim’s charisma, brilliance and humour is both revolutionary, illuminating and moving.

‘In the streets of Cairo and the Palestinian territories, children compete at reciting his poem In Jerusalem, a mournful narrative poem that follows a cab ride into and then back out of Jerusalem, in which the speaker laments that the city he loves regards him only as ‘a footnote or a margin.’ In Jerusalem beauty is octagonal and blue, he writes, Supporting, gentle listener, a golden dome/ That looks like, I think, a convex mirror/ Containing the sky, playing with it, pulling it close. The rival political groups Hamas and Fatah have both aired the poem on their respective TV channels, and a recording of it became a popular ringtone.’ – The New Yorker

Made For Dartington

More music and words:
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Poet Alice Oswald collaborates with jazz musicians on 1 August
Poet Katrina Porteous collaborates with folk fiddler Alexis Bennett on 5 August
Writer James Runcie on Bach, collaborating with Joanna MacGregor on 7 August

Tamim al-Barghouti talks to The New Yorker about his life in poetry

Stevie Wishart explores medieval and contemporary extremes, using voices, ancient technologies such as the hurdy-gurdy, and emerging technologies of today. She studied composition at York University with Trevor Wishart, improvised and aleatoric music with John Cage in Edinburgh, early music in violin and voice at the Guildhall, London and at New College, Oxford. Her many collaborations have included Michèle Noiret (Théâtre National de Bruxelles), Wayne McGregor, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, and a large-scale choral Proms commission with the BBC Singers and designer Philippe Starck. Exploring music’s unique ability to express new ideas on a level which transcends other routes of communication motivates her work as a composer and improviser.

Stevie talks about playing the hurdy-gurdy here:
Listen to her Vespers for St Hildegard

Joanna MacGregor, the Artistic Director of Dartington International Summer School & Festival, is one of the world’s most innovative musicians, appearing as a concert pianist, curator, and collaborator. Head of Piano at the Royal Academy of Music and Professor of the University of London, she has performed in more than eighty countries.

MacGregor’s verve, energy and astounding technique are always at the service of the music and never vice versa. Her ability to inhabit so many sound worlds with the same intensity and commitment is profoundly impressive. – BBC Classical Review
Listen to Joanna’s YouTube channel

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