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Venue Space: Studio 1 and other locations

Workshops and performances delivered by Totnes Young Peoples Theatre


Various. See the TYPT microsite for full details.

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An award-winning youth theatre, with a history of offering exciting opportunities for young people, TYPT has worked with many young people in mainstream, alternative and home education.

Over the years, TYPT have engaged hundreds of young people, many of whom have gone into creative, cultural industries. Their core values are:

  • To empower young people to express themselves.
  • To challenge, nurture and inspire alternative ways of thinking, doing and being in our ever-changing world and community.
  • To encourage taking creative risks; solo and together.
  • To inspire imaginative spaces and processes.
  • To offer affordable prices and flexible payment schemes to encourage full participation, whatever the circumstances.

A range of workshops for all age groups are available, based on the Dartington estate and across Devon.


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About us

Dartington is an old place with a new story.

The Dartington Experiment began in 1925 and was based on the idea that humans are many-sided – and how we need environments that encourage our whole being to flourish, in connection with nature and each other.

This idea is as true today is it ever was.

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