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Venue Great Hall


Conference runs from 8am to 10pm on Saturday | 8am to 5pm on Sunday

Next date 2nd November 8:00 am

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Towards social renewal: Beyond Crisis III

This third conference at Dartington Hall aims to awaken an understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s groundbreaking ideas on social three-folding. The first and second conferences considered the nature of these ideas and the interpersonal relationships regarding three-folding, this one addresses our turbulent times and seeks new revelations by asking: How can we each find our own unique role in the storms we experience, both inner and outer?
The 21st Century is a time when humanity begins to ‘come of age’, as do most people on reaching their twenty first year. It is also a time when great choices have to be made, some of existential importance. All of us on earth face such choices today, many of them coloured by the prevailing one-sided materialism. Perhaps the three greatest threats facing humanity are a global nuclear war; human genocide, through misuse of artificial intelligence as well as the philosophy of Trans-humanism. Lastly, Ecocide caused by the wanton destruction of the natural environment.

This is the third of three conferences that we have held at Dartington Hall. We hope that these will enable participants to further develop these ideas after the conferences.

The conference fee is £70 to include a light lunch on Saturday and refreshments on both days. 
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Saturday 2nd November

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