How do I sign up?

Go to the event page on our website and scroll down to the page to the Book Now section. Click the start date and you will be taken through to a registration area, where you can sign up to receive updates throughout the month and donate (if you are able to). You will then receive a “e-ticket” confirming you are joined up, and we will be in touch by email ahead of the start date to give you more information.

A marathon? Isn’t a marathon just for elite athletes?

Yes, a marathon. 26 miles (or 26.2 miles if you want to be precise) or 42 kilometres is a long distance to do all at once. But, over a week, that’s just 4 miles a day! For Fitbit aficionados, that’s just about 8,000 steps a day.

Do I have to run?

Not at all! You can walk or run or participate in whatever way you are able. In fact, Satish Kumar, the founder of Schumacher College and longtime activist, writer, and educator, who most famously walked 8,000 miles for peace from 1973-74, will at age 84 walk the 26 miles each week along with us.

What if I don’t finish?

That’s absolutely fine. The idea is that everyone set out with a goal, and as is true of many things, the most important thing is to set out with the intention to try your best.

Why is this a Climate Marathon?

We are focusing this event on climate change because it is one of the most significant challenges that our global community will face in our lifetime. The Climate Marathon is inspired by the work of the High Level Champions for COP26, the essential work of COP26 members and partners, and the Race to Zero initiative of the UNFCCC. 

Each of us can help these organisations in their important work through this event by:

Choosing to walk instead of driving (even if just one day each week)
Sharing your experience with family and friends and building a community
Reconnecting to the natural world around us

I can't afford to donate. How else can I support?

That’s fine. The aim of this event is to get people outside and moving, and unlike most virtual events, this one is inviting you to join for free.

One thing you can do is Commit to taking action. We are partnering with Count Us In, whose mission in to “build the world’s largest community of people taking action” to Protect What We Love and Make Change that Matters. When Count Us In launches on 10 October 2020, we will share details on how you can combine your efforts with millions of other people around the world.

By signing up to participate and helping to spread the word you will really help us in our aim to raise awareness of the need to act on climate change. You could post on social media, letting people know you have signed up with the hashtag #climatemarathon and tag in five friends and family you think might like to take part too.


Where will my money go if I donate to the campaign?

A suggested donation of £10 will help to support climate resilience programming at Dartington Trust – including at the Art School and Schumacher College. Your donation will help to support:

    1. Community-oriented climate events (like this one!)
    2. Broadening the reach of our sustainability education  
    3. Expanding our organic farming and agroforestry initiatives to help feed more people with delicious local produce and share knowledge to multiply our impact.

Find out more about it here

What else can I do?

There are many ways you can help to address climate change. One great initiative is to commit to reducing the amount of waste you generate by avoiding buying food and drinks with single-use plastic packaging. Carry a water bottle with you and if you are ordering a coffee to take away, remember to give them your keep-cup at the counter. 

I've signed up. What next?

Great! Next thing to do is let your friends and family know that you’ve committed to the campaign. Use the hashtag #climatemarathon and we will try to like and share as much as we can on the Dartington Trust channels. We will be in touch by email before the 4 October. You could start planning your running / walking routes for the next month of activity. 

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