Land Use Review II: Feedback

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Open House: Event notes and video interviews

In March 2018 we ran a session at a Dartington Open House event to harvest the views of our community.

Attendees were asked how they felt the Land Use Review work done thus far had been going, and what people thought we should do next. Those who came along were given the opportunity to write down their views and ideas – all of which have been recorded anonymously.

Tenants consultation meeting

In May 2018 Marina O’Connell, of Huxhams Cross Farm, an experienced permaculture practitioner facilitated sessions with existing farm based enterprises on the estate and others to map out current and future desirable assets and activities.

Specifically, people were asked to identify what they want, need and desire so that functions and themes could be identified across the many projects based at Dartington. It’s beneficial to know this information can be used to inform the development of future initiatives, identify hotspots of activity, opportunities for collaboration, resource needs and identify new projects .

People captured their thoughts on post it notes – first in response to proposed topics, and then the results were clustered across naturally occurring themes.

What we’ve put here are write-ups of the post its themselves with images of some thinking around the clusters. They may not represent the thinking of all farm tenants – some of our livestock farmers were not able to attend – but it’s a starting point to consider the needs of the existing agricultural community already working on the estate as we progress further with LUR II.

Initial post-it note thoughts and clusters
Marina O’Connell’s thoughts around Dartington’s needs and stakeholder mapping

Tenants consultation meeting