Dartington Hall maintenance and improvement works this winter

If you’re visiting us this winter, you might notice some repairs and renewals taking place on the estate. It’s all part of our need to invest time and energy on our buildings in protection of our heritage.

The most visible of these will be the installation of a new ‘ducting system’ which will improve our ability to supply electrical power to some of the larger events that happen on the estate. This work will start on or around 30 October and take about a week to complete.

The work will involve creating a temporary trench across our Great Lawn (13*), but don’t worry – once completed, everything will be as good as new. The process will also require the electricity supply across the whole of Space to be switched off for a period of about five hours. We appreciate that this could have a major impact on all tenants and users of the studios and offices and so are proposing to do this work in an evening after office hours. All those affected will be contacted closer to the time with more detail.

Elsewhere, some of our buildings will also be getting a fresh coat of paint: our Print Workshop and Bindery (29*), Shippon Artists Studio (28*) and Biomass Boiler building (39*), plus some other residential and commercial buildings across the estate.

We’ll also be removing the small ‘signal box’ building at our campsite (27*) which has been examined and declared unsafe for occupation. Demolition work will begin on or around 1 November and last for around one  week.

While we don’t expect these works to be overly disruptive to visitors, we are appreciative of your patience and understanding while they take place.

*Map references. Click here to download the estate map (pdf) ⇓

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