Update on Old Postern roof

Following recent heavy rains, a portion of the Old Postern roof began to leak heavily and when we investigated further, it became clear that the damage was extensive. We have been concerned for a long time about the vulnerable state of the roof and have been patching it regularly. However, because the Old Postern is such a special part of the student experience of Schumacher College, we have been doing all we can to keep the building open for as long as possible. It has become clear that further patching is not possible, and the roof needs replacing in order to make the building safe.


Fortunately, the student accommodation at the Old Postern and the Craft Education and Chicken Shed buildings are not affected. However, staff, students and volunteers will need to cook and eat meals and take lessons in other parts of the estate – so we are currently implementing a short term plan and a longer term plan to manage this situation as best as possible.


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