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Dartington residential property

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Residential properties

Unfortunately there are no residential properties available to let at the current time.

General Information:

All property is let on six month assured shorthold tenancy agreements and after the initial six months run from month to month. We run a no smoking policy throughout our properties and all properties are let unfurnished.

The Trust operates a Property Strategy which states that any residential property that becomes available has to be let to Trust employees in priority. Only when we have satisfied ourselves that there are no Trust staff that require accommodation can we then consider letting on the open market.

Vacant property is firstly offered to staff for a period of seven days. Details of the property are then e-mailed to everyone on our enquiries list. Replies are dealt with strictly on a first come first served basis. Properties are usually let within two days.

If you would like to be added to the enquiries list please e-mail Carol Richards, Tenants’ Manager – with details of your timescale and rental budget.The list is updated on 1st April and 1st October each year and you will receive an e-mail to confirm whether or not you wish to remain on the list.