About our facilities

Dartington Hall’s unique qualities make it the perfect conference venue in Devon.

The extensive grounds provide a glorious backdrop for excellent facilities and a range of comfortable, well-equipped rooms, with an abundance of natural light and a pleasant outlook. Many of our spaces also play host to concerts and other arts events – please enquire for more information.

Click here for room hire rates or contact us at 44 (0)1803 847147 or reservations@dartingtonhall.com to find out more.

Gallery (see below for capacities and room specs)


Room name






Hollow boardroom

Circle of chairs

U-shape boardroom

Private dining

Banquet w/ dance floor and DJ

Great Hall** - View room specsWith AV9622072--1204814496
No AV132220108*--1204814496
Upper Gatehouse - View room specsWith AV401003626305030--
No AV601004526308030--
Ship Studio - View room specsWith AV20602426304024--
No AV30602426306024--
Lane Room - View room specsWith AV-12-10--9--
No AV-12-10-1212--
Pontin Room - View room specsWith AV-201214121211--
No AV-201216161211--
Dukes Room - View room specsWith AV24451820242220--
No AV24451822243020--
Solar - View room specsWith AV40--21---4836
No AV40--30---4836
Upper Solar - View room specsWith AV36401515202012--
No AV36401818202012--
Holand Room - View room specsWith AV-1261010127--
No AV-18121012127--
Griffiths Room - View room specsWith AV24201515221514--
No AV24201818221814--
Barn TheatreWith AV-185-------
No AV-185-------
Screens (private dining)With AV-------16-
No AV-------24-

Other details

* Would use all trestles
** Maximum number of circles on floor in Great Hall: 12
***Layout is four sofas around a small coffee table
AV equipment details:Data ProjectorsScreensFlipcharts