Sample day meeting at Dartington Hall

Footpath in Dartington gardens

Event lead up

Event Booking

Enjoy real conversations with our dedicated bookings team as they discuss with you different options, our Local Food for Thought menus, outdoor meetings, team building and the other benefits of holding your event at Dartington Hall, including how your booking will help contribute to the Dartington Hall Trust and its charitable work.
8.15 am

Organiser arrives

Organiser Arrives – Organiser to report to Reception to be greeted by one of our dedicated conference team who will then take you to your room.
8.30 am

Arrival tea and coffee

Tea and Coffee will await your delegates on their arrival. Our Fairtrade and organic coffee is roasted in Helston, Cornwall.
9.00 am

Meeting commences

Meeting Commences – Begin your meeting in a historic and naturally lit room, set around the medieval courtyard. Included in your room you will find a flipchart and pens, mints, notepads and pens and jugs of water and cordials.
10.45 am

Mid-morning break

Mid Morning Break – Stretch your legs and enjoy a 10 minute walk around our magnificent gardens then return to your room to find fresh tea, coffee and accompaniments.
11.00 am

Meeting reconvenes

Feeling refreshed and full of ideas being your pre-lunch session.
1.00 pm


Enjoy some Food for Thought with our one of our Chefs Menus. So that you to enjoy the local and seasonal produce the White Hart  has to offer in either the Inn or one of the Private Dining Rooms.
2.00 pm

Meeting reconvenes

Still feeling fresh after lunch, begin your afternoon session still full of energy and ideas.
3.30 pm

Mid-afternoon break

Take the opportunity to sit in the gardens or enjoy a short walk, once again return to your room to find fresh tea, coffee and accompaniments.
5.30 pm

Meeting concludes

Conclude your day with a sense of achievement, and leave Dartington Hall feeling inspired.