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Dartington is many things to many people but one aim underpins everything – how we use our estate to stimulate new thinking and action to help develop a more sustainable, more just and more enriching world.

In this, very little has changed since Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst bought this estate in 1925 and embarked on what they called the Dartington Experiment to regenerate a rural community.

Within these pages you’ll find many lives transformed and ambitions realised through our work: the ex-prisoner who landed his first job; the women farmers feeding our community; the artists who throw a spotlight on society.


Transforming lives: Dartington case studies

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Vicki Churchill Conservation volunteer

Vicky Churchill: The woodlander

Vicky Churchill was Dartington’s first woodlands and conservation volunteer. Four years on, she has gained further qualifications and is passing on her knowledge to new members of team. Read More >>

Daniel Marcus Clark of EarFilms

Daniel Marcus Clark: EarFilms

EarFilms, founded by Daniel Marcus Clark, took up a two-year residency at Dartington’s Space in 2012 to develop the ground-breaking ‘audio film’ To Sleep to Dream. The work has since toured the world. Read More >>

LandWorks trainee

LandWorks trainee Sam: A clean break

At 40, ex-prisoner and one time drug addict Sam joined LandWorks, Dartington’s land-based training scheme designed to help offenders return to society and employment. Read More >>

School Farm CSA

Laura Creen: School Farm CSA

Following an apprenticeship on a Cotswolds organic farm, Laura Creen set up a community supported agriculture (CSA) scheme at Dartington’s School Farm in 2012. Read More >>

Ben Moss

Ben Moss: MA Economics for Transition

After running a social enterprise in Bristol for eight years, Ben Moss sought a new challenge. Read More >>

Rob Wall

Rob Wall: Roll for the Soul

Dartington’s School for Social Enterpreneurs (SSE) helped Rob Wall turn a fledgling idea into a thriving social enterprise. Read More >>

Schumacher apprentices

Schumacher horticultural apprenticeships

From April to October, students from around the world learn how to run an organic garden and tend livestock through hands-on sessions, lectures and seminars, laboratory activities and site visits. Read More >>


Claire Burton: Caring for the person within

After studying at the School for Social Entrepreneurs Dartington, Claire Burton set up a social enterprise to care for older people. Read More >>

Hannah and Duncan Nobbs of Partridge Farm Meats

Partridge Farm Meats: A cut above

Hannah and Duncan Nobbs set up Partridge Farm Meats in 2010. They sell their high-quality, traditional meat through the Food Shop at the Shops at Dartington. Read More >>