Start-Up Fellowship 2012

Robin Causley – Sustain Ability
Sustain Ability will provide support to Voluntary and Community groups to enable them to sustain and grow their activities and services through effective fundraising opportunities

Anna Clarke – R-emerge
Anna will use her wealth of experience in the aid sector in areas such as Sierra Leone and Iraq to develop co-operatives in the immeadiate aftermath of disaster and emergency relief. This advocates a nil dependancy on aid, more assured sustainability, reduced corruption, environmental protection and maintains community.

Katherine Ford – The Carousel Project
The Carousel Project is a Devon based social enterprise, engaging very young children and their families in unique and innovative ways providing creative education and learning experiences. katherine will not only introduce the arts to the next generation, but also aims to combat barriers to participation be they economic, social, cultural or access related.

Greg Meanwell – Village of Kin
The Village of Kin is a community based project looking to enhance and maximise the sharing of knowledge, resources, skills and wisdom. The model useds a three-fold social order of enterprise, self governance and education for the benefit of the whole community.

Hayley Mogridge – Knowing Me Life Books
Using her 20 years of experience in the care sector, Hayley has created the Knowling Me Life Books which is an important communication tolld reflecting people’s past, present and future aspirations in a fun and interesting way.

Kirsty Mooney – Families Together
Issues like alcohol, substance misuse, domestic abuse and poor general health all have huge impacts on the behaviours of all members of the family. Families Together provides tailored support to all members, helping to address the root cause and provide support, to encourage working together to therefore be more resilient and to function independantly without the need for ongoing support.

Michelle Preston – Simply Dynamic
Simply Dynamic supports organisations and individuals to create and develop projects that will promote social change. Michelle will create a systme of support that can be replicated on a regional basis by encouraging those who use the services to remain involved and further the development and spread the organisation.

Sarah Ready – Torbay Food Bank
Torbay Food Bank has been created to tackle the increasing poverty within Torbay, to provide emergency food to those in crisis. It is also a means of diverting food that is destined for landfill, directly to those who are without food.

Paul Savill – Re-Branch
Re-Branch will offer a small scale solution to two significant issues in Torbay. Paul will tackle the lack of employment and training for young adults whilst at the same time, redirect furniture destined for landfill, to be recycled, redesigned and sold.

Alan Whittle – ES-GEN
ES-GEN aims to assist people and groups with self-building homes and buildings with a focus on utilising discarded products from society, to incorporate skill sharing and to prove the ‘going green’ does not have to be expensive.

Rachel Williams – Transitions
Transitions will provide a space for people aged 50-65 (the baby boomers) to meet and share ideas about how to navigate and take more control over their life as they move into retirement to enable them to live fulfilling, flexible and productive lives.

Richard Woodall – Unknown Film School
The Unknown Film School will give people the opportunity to gain industry practice experience, the freedom to be creative and the chance to showcase their talents

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